Utility Education Apotheosis – Deification

Originative utility Education apotheosizes "the good as the useful" over her non-utilitarian isms.

What better ingression for a global war on non-utilitarianism than the excellence of useful education stakeholding: if we adumbrate what ethics tally with world education, whether any such doctrines emphasize utility or purpose, the knead to the issue is an ontological mainsail.The reasons why torpidity exemplifies circumferential world education, or her global aphasia on "the good is the useful" - (utilitarian), is the overt pathetic educability dictum: her formulaic betrothment of what doesn't work, education for and to the world, by a long shot and gamble of circumventions, very well espouse a planetary neediness consequentiality.

When government governance ostensibilities for national-supranational development circumstantially or advisedly, regularize debilitation, their premier global maturation conjectures instanced on poverty eradication by Millennium declaration-MDGs/UN/2000 beatify implausibility. World maturation incredibility is persistent since three-fourths of knowledgability drills are annealed on effete-scrabbling praxises: bottom-top implementations, education agencies, institutions  and policies, sagging invigoration for knowledge creation aside employability/unemployability kvetches. Utility Education Apotheosis and Deification shouldn't backside educational isms. As the one and only – nonpareil knowledgeability vantage, her knowability and praxis is the global eidos-ethos.Read more...


Our role is to metastasize the classic-nonpareil Personal-Postindustrial and Recondite Organizational Maturement-Maturation to World Educational-developmental hypostasis: World-Supranational anthropocentrism-anthropic Maturation. VDPA-UN, Part 1, para. 9 & 10: 

Recalling also the determination expressed in the Preamble of the Charter of the United Nations to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to establish conditions under which justice and respect for obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, to practice tolerance and good neighborliness, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples;


 “Recognizing that the human person is the central subject of the development process and that development policy should therefore make the human being the main participant and beneficiary of development.” 

The Classic Alpha2000 map, the International Corporation development program (ICD) and The PECE map (Professional Early-Child Education map) for global anthropocentrism - anthropic supra-national maturation (full development) repudiate the backgrounding of education utilitarianism; subsuming geometric developmentalism by engrossing the populous anthropic categorem on the practical implications of education to the rest of the world:  vowing a plus 36000% expatiation to regional supranational- recondite corporation developmental anatomy scale factor. Download the replete enchiridion @ The Alpha2000 Global Enchiridion.

In the opinion of propriety, the noticeability of utility education magnificence and expansivity is transcendental research éclat drivability; her world to precocious cognoscibility aspectual to the ALPHA2000 and PECE Formation Reformation Program for supranational development-maturation. This supererogatory inquiry versification undams the shoal effete educability systema:Heeding her classic unequivocal fecundity (intellectual-creative productivity for world human-centered full development (maturation): A/RES/41/128 DECLARATION ON THE RIGHT TO DEVELOPMENT VDPA-UN Part 1, para 10)  and developmental moral force, deputes the virtuoso divergent thinking debut event of educational inducement, logical to strong institutions(SDG-16) for global economic insuperability.

Without the aforesaid dianoetic disposition, world instruments for global eudaemonia; "to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, to practice tolerance and good neighborliness, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples-Preamble of Charter of UN, or Millennium Development goals on eradication of poverty et alia" are implausible. Visit our MODERN SOCIETAL EUDAEMONISM CONTRIVE

Flacking the dianoetic dispositional to utility Education ideal, is the callable vertex of the Alpha2000 Inferential to the derelict maladaptive inutility ismy. To the utility baccate, her knead to the issue is ultra-replevin; supranational noetic repletion unriddling developing and transitionary adjurations........read more


Our Global esoterical zero-tolerance policies assuage international connectedness to highly effective residential practicableness: in the light of our conjugate noticeability, how our global inter-world conspicuity prelates’ illustrative (lettered) abstrusity, BTH Education Group aerosolizes a preventive strike and design to opprobrium proceedings denigrating the role of unprejudiced anthropic-anthropocentric educational serviceability educement the world over through strong institutions:- Family Education Centers (FEDCs), accordingly Article 16 part 3 and Article 26 of the UDHR by Family Education Counselors, instanced by the scripted National Anthropic Development (NAD) contrive. Read more... 

Our Orphic-recondite maturation to the justifiability (authority) of Educational operability is the apotheosis of valid cerebration, actionable knowledge impinging knowledge creation in the Alpha2000 Reformation program and the Professional Early-Child Education Program (PECE) for global maturation. 

Here, our above wadding is mensurated by a duodecimal statistics for Nations, our example, the Nation of Cameroon, keeping in mind our Global Review sign ups. Download the Recondite Approach to Global Utility Education Virulency

Download the PECE Chart On Formation for Supra-National Anthropic Development - Maturation  Download the Alpha2000 Map On Reformation for SupraNational Anthropic Postindustrial Maturation - Recondite Organizational Development - Also @ Publications Page