BTSD Health Care Benefits

Mobile Coordinate Care Flyer

This memo is to inform all staff that Integrity Consulting Group has been appointed as the district’s health benefits advocacy group effective April 1, 2018. Therefore, beginning Sunday, staff should no longer contact Conner Strong & Buckelew if you have any issues with your health benefits.  The transition will be seamless and staff will not experience any changes to benefits.  The only difference will be who staff should contact if they have any issues with their health benefits.  In approximately two weeks, we will be providing staff with new contact information cards  that contain important contact information for the health benefits carriers and Integrity Consulting Group.  

Due to the change in health benefits advocacy group, the Online Employee Benefit Handbook website is changing to a new link.  Click here to view the new website which contains all of the information from the current website and more.  Be sure to bookmark the new website as the current website will become unavailable on April 1st.  Additionally, staff can expect to receive wellness tips from Integrity Consulting Group through various newsletters.  We are also working with them to continue our healthy challenges that many of you have embraced. 

Click here to see the introductory flyer from Integrity Consulting Group.  It includes the numbers you should call if you have any difficulty with your benefits beginning April 1st.  We are looking forward to this new partnership.  We expect to be able to provide our employees with more information to improve their health and be well.

If you have any questions about this change in advocacy groups, please email  Have a relaxing break!

Schools Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), we are pleased to introduce a new program that began on January 1, 2019 to support you and your family during difficult medical times: the Mobile Care Coordinator program is brought to you by Guardian Nurses.

The SHIF will have three (3) dedicated Registered Nurses who will be ready to respond whenever you or your family is struggling with a healthcare issue. All interactions with the Guardian Nurses’ team are strictly confidential.

Mobile Care Coordinator Services:

  • Hospital Bedside Visits
  • At Home Visits
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Schedule Appointments and Follow-ups
  • Attend Doctors’ visits
  • Recommend In Network Providers
  • Assist in Care Decisions
  • Assist in Understanding Complex Medical Diagnoses and Terms
  • Aid Patient Family Members

 Click on the link to see a video about the Mobile Care Coordinator program with real life patient testimonies:

See attached flyer for more details about the program and how to contact the nurses.

 Meet your Nurses:

Rachel Fanslau, RN, BSN

Rachel is a seasoned nurse who has many years of experience in home health and hospice.  She has served as a nurse leader for Telehealth, managing and coordinating a team of nurses supporting and managing patients with chronic illness. Rachel, in another one-time role as a school nurse, also offered guidance and medical support to students in the New Jersey educational system.  

Jeanette Meredith, RN

Jeanette has more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional care to a wide range of patient populations. Most recently she worked in home care providing care, support and education to homebound patients.  She began her nursing career working with the aging residents of a long term care facility followed by many years as a staff nurse at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, in med-surg and cardiac care units. 

Colleen Pace, LPN

Colleen, who has more than 42 years of nursing experience, most recently worked as a clinical nurse liaison for a South Jersey rehab facility, assessing critically ill patients and assisting with their transfer from intensive care units to rehab facilities. Throughout her career, she has worked at hospitals and rehab facilities specializing in neurological, orthopedic, pulmonary and cardiac issues. In addition, Colleen has an extensive knowledge of many New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospital systems. 

 It is important to note that while our team of employee benefit professionals are very familiar with the design, administration and operation of employee benefit plans and the law applicable to those activities, PERMA is not the plan administrator or sponsor of any of the employee benefits arrangements offered/sponsored by our clients. All eligibility, enrollment, plan design, and plan administrative decisions and actions taken are at the discretion of the sponsoring entity. PERMA is not a law or tax firm and is not authorized to provide legal or tax advice.  Our recommendations should not be construed as, nor are they intended to be, legal or tax advice. Further, the information contained herein is not intended by PERMA to be used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code that may be imposed on the taxpayer. PERMA encourages its clients to consult with legal counsel and/or tax professionals about the information contained in this communication. 


Special Note for Enrollment Transactions: If PERMA assists with any enrollment or eligibility processing, the plan 

sponsor should monitor the insurance provider(s)/vendor(s) records to confirm that the proper changes have been

 made. PERMA is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of any eligibility or enrollment processing and 

handling such transactions is done as a professional courtesy.