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Please take action for Chapter 78 relief! Thank you!

Please click link for Chapter 78 relief. This means thousands of REAL dollars in our pockets!

We are asking you to take action on A-1851 (Coughlin/Lampitt)/S-2578(Sweeney/Weinberg), which strips away our right to collectively bargain and caps unused sick days. See information below:

Two Democrats; Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Assembly Education Chair Pam Lampitt, have introduced legislation that would limit payments for unused sick leave at retirement. Lampitt sponsored the bill years ago when Chris Christie was Governor as a compromise in response to Christie’s “zero means zero” plan to eliminate all sick leave payouts at retirement.  Even though Governor Murphy has not been pushing for an end to sick leave payouts, this bill has emerged again, and this time Assemblywoman Lampitt’s co-sponsor is Speaker Coughlin. Although the bill is not scheduled YET in the Senate, the sponsors there are also Democratic leaders--Senate President Steve Sweeney and Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Bill Number:   A-1851 (Coughlin/Lampitt)/S-2578(Sweeney/Weinberg)
  • When is it scheduled? The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly State and Local Government Committee on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 10 am.
  • What does it do? It’s complicated but here is a short version…
    • The bill prohibits public employers from paying supplemental compensation for unused sick leave earned after the bill’s effective date. 
      • Supplemental compensation for any time earned before the effective date will be payable as under current law. (you keep what you have but as you use it, you will have less and can’t continue to accrue).
    • If you have accumulated $7,500 or more in unused sick leave BEFORE the effective date, whatever you accumulate after the effective date will have no monetary value. 
    • If the amount that was accrued prior to the effective date is less than $7,500 at the time of retirement, then the accumulated sick leave earned after the effective date only has a monetary value to be used for medical expenses.  The value cannot exceed $7,500 in the aggregate.  
  • Read the text: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A2000/1851_I1.HTM
    • Tell them to OPPOSE A-1851! This is a direct attack on collective bargaining!
    • SAMPLE Phone script:
      • My name is ____________________ and I am a public school employee. Please vote “NO” on A-1851. This is a direct attack on my collective bargaining rights. Payment for my unused sick time is a right that I have earned, and how my school district chooses to compensate me for my time is between my district and my union. Stay out of collective bargaining.

A Legislative Action Team is a network of NJEA members who communicate legislative and political information to elected officials and to other NJEA members. LATs form a vital link between our Association and our government.

The BTEA Legislative Action Team will:

1. Create a structure for our local association's LATs-both for sharing information and for taking action when needed.

2. Recruit volunteers for election activities.

3. Encourage members to support NJEA PAC-endorsed candidates.

4. Be a fundraiser for NJEA PAC.

Therefore, the BTEA Legislative Action Team will periodically encourage BTEA members to visit the BTEA website for important updates on Legislative issues which affect our profession. 


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