All Reps and Chairs are responsible to attend monthly scheduled rep council meetings and/or have full knowledge of the information disseminated during that meeting for the purpose of sharing with all members who have rights to be fully informed.  If the Rep or Chair cannot attend, a notice of excuse shall be submitted to the recording secretary (email, voice message, etc.) in order to prepare an absentee information packet. An organized filing system shall be kept in a location appropriate to the Rep/Chair but made available to the association if necessary.  Association office space will be provided if necessary.  All Chairs are expected to prepare a monthly report to be given during the Rep Council.  A written report shall be read by any designated Rep if attendance is not possible.

Building Reps (AR) (see Rep list on website)
It is the duty of every building rep to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of BTEA business.  The AR (association rep) will follow requests made by the Head building rep (Head Rep/AR) to gather information, paperwork, etc. as needed for association business.  The AR should also be available to association members for questions, concerns, and as a resource for all matters related to members rights or association business.

Head Building Rep/(see chair list on website)
The Head Building Rep shall effectively lead and assist all building reps by collecting and organizing all data and/or information needed to report to the association when necessary.  It will also follow that this position shall require scheduling at least one (1) brief monthly building meeting allowing members a time to vocalize concerns and gather pertinent information from building members.  The timing of this meeting shall coincide with bringing any concerns to the monthly rep council meeting during its scheduled date.

Budget/Andrea Leibowitz

Evaluations Committee

Young School:  Michelle Wikeria

Fountain Woods:  Katie Goslin


BTHS:  Jennifer Williams

Grievance Chair/Yolanda Boyd
It is the responsibility of the grievance chair/s to gather and research any and all information that applies to any possible, probable, and valid grievances.  The paperwork required must be completed and filed as prescribed by the current valid contract.  Where it is necessary the BOE policy should be researched, referenced, and/or challenged as it applies. All procedures should be conducted in a manner that conveys the associations desire to contribute to a positive relationship with the BOE and association members.

It is the goal of the association to have a grievance rep in each building as soon as it is feasible. The Head Rep will always be designated to keep updated on board policy.

Legislative Action Team/Laura Stegmuller

Maternity and Leave of Absence Resource/Eileen Rider

Membership Chair/Jackie Ballard
The Chair shall be responsible for establishing, informing, and maintaining all new members and any other information as it applies.  Additionally all current members and data shall be maintained as necessary.  Compliance with all responsible data forwarded to BTEA, BCEA, NJEA, and NEA as it applies.  The Chair shall also be responsible for at least two workshops as they apply to new members and or current members. (i.e. sign-up, welcome for new members) Keeping informed and current to the position through workshops is advisable.

Minority Involvement Chair/Zenovia Thompson**The Chair shall be responsible for all information as it applies to minority relations.  The Chair shall be responsible for at least one (1) on campus workshop fostering issues and concerns that apply to the minority involvement.  Attendance at additional minority involvement workshops at the county and state levels would be advisable to foster stronger BTEA involvement.

Negotiations Chair/Laura Stegmuller

Pride and Public Relations Chair/Donna Gablein
The Chair shall contribute in all ways to foster positive relations between the association, BOE, and the community.  Participation in planned activities shall enhance BTEA relations through its members as well as its contributions.  Where necessary a committee shall be created to perform or complete planned tasks.  It is expected for Pride to play a crucial role in BT Community Day, Reading issue campaigns, the county Heart Campaign/walk, Homecoming, and other issues as prescribed by the rep council and/or executive committee.  An annual budget must be prepared and the appropriate paperwork must be filed with the county as prescribed by deadlines.  All activities shall be discussed before the Rep Council as needed.

District Team & Building Teams

Follow all prescribed guidelines as outlined for the committee designations.  These guidelines are state regulations and must be followed under specific state requirements. This is a candidacy position voted by the professional members of the association.  (two candidates for each year)  The committee is composed of four professionals and 2 administrations.  This six member team elects a chairperson.

Read Across America/Jessica Donahue

Research, Salary Guide Planning & Workshop Planner/Kurt Thomason

Scholarship Chair/vacant
The Chair shall set up a committee and outline the guidelines used to assign scholarship money designated by the Rep Council.  A copy of  the guidelines and designated members shall be submitted to the executive committee.

SCIP (School Improvement Panel)

Michele Radcliffe - YS

Mrs. J. Smith - BTHS

Social Committee Chair/Corky Robinson**
The Chair shall be responsible for organizing and facilitating designated social events.  Approval for expenditures must be brought to the association Treasurer and comply with the annual budget.  The NJEA convention shall be part of the specific designated events. If a committee is needed, the Chair shall be responsible for selection and organizational requirements.

Webmaster Chair/Shawn Fitzpatrick**
The Chair shall hold the responsibility for all pertinent information published however, a member/s of the executive committee shall give approval.  Regular updates will be necessary.  All information shall follow appropriate guidelines to hold to legal and privacy issues.      

**Position could be non-tenure but currently filled