University of California Los Angeles Biotechnology Training in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (UCLA BTBSE)


General Information 

Welcome to the UCLA BTBSE program! The goal of the UCLA Biotechnology Training Program is to educate and to train the next generation of highly skilled scientists and engineers who will assume leadership roles in multidisciplinary biotechnology research. This goal will be achieved through a cohesive training program entailing cross-disciplinary research, a common curriculum composed of formal coursework in life science and engineering and of research seminars, and an industrial internship.  An important aspect of the training program will be the promotion of meaningful research interaction between biomedical scientists and engineers.  The interface between the life/health sciences and engineering is extraordinarily rich in its diversity. 

Trainees who complete the program will appreciate the complementary roles of life scientists and engineering in biotechnology and will be equipped to function productively in the multidisciplinary teams prevalent in the industry.  The Program is funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) with 20% matching funds from the UCLA Graduate Division and administrative support provided by the UCLA HSSEAS.

Our Annual Training Symposium 2017

We'd like to welcome our new 2017 trainees!

Program Outcomes of Our Trainees:
  • Average Time to degree: 5.5 years
  • Percentage of students who successfully attain a PhD: 94% (17 out of 18)
  • Average number of publications per students graduated from PhD: 4.8
  • Underrepresented Minority Trainees: 2 trainees (2 graduated with Ph.D) 
  • Students with Disabilities: 0


This training grant is support by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences T32 GM067555-11.

Last updated: October 2019