High School Musical Cast list

Congratulations to all- It will be a really fun summer!!!

and let me know if you need help with 
Mayors paperwork due FRIDAY- May 4th by 4:30!

NOTE: I can not get you paid if you do not submit paperwork to High School.  

CharacterPerson cast
GabriellaGabby Lyman- Von Stager
KelsiGrace Valaskovic
MarthaHannah Lupo
Coach BoltonLucas O'connell
Mrs. DarbusMaddie Yu-Phelps
RyanMaria Montalvo
JackMaxwell MacGibbon
ZekeMikael Reyes
SharpayNellie Baxandall
TaylorReina Quinonez
ChadRiley Mckinney
TroyShane Robertson
Ensemble will play many roles as well:
Lead BrainiacsCamila Tedesco
Lead JockChelsea Figaro
Ms. TennyEden Mekonen
James Eli Carangelo
RipperEva Kaufman
Science Decathlon ModeratorIsabella Lozada
CathyJinho Lee
Lead SkatersJosie Wyman
CyndraLara Garay
Lead CheerleadersMiranda Satiago
Lead ThespiansYanacie Morency
Associate director Jemma Kepner
Associate directorSophie Butler Ramon
Tech crew/ Stage manager- Camp councilorWilla Rudel
Tech crew/Spot light- Camp councilorSebastian Newman
Tech crew/Spot light- Camp councilorMaya Clemente
Tech crew/Sound board- Camp councilorLiliana Abramson
Tech crew/Lighting board- Camp councilorImogene Botka
Tech crew/Props and makeup manager- Camp councilorSophia Price
Tech crew/Costume Manager- Camp councilorAmelia Jamanka
Tech crew/Camp councilor manager- Camp councilorNehemian Ellcock
Tech crew/Set manager- Camp councilorDina Pfeffer