Computer Simulations in Fall 2011

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Computer Simulations is a junior-level physics course offered every three semesters at Bridgewater State University.  It is taught as a team-oriented, undergraduate research based course. 

In Fall 2011, students will implement a solution to Poisson's equation in the context of gravitational lensing.  We will attempt to extend Dr. Kling's work with Bryan Campbell in "Poisson Equation for Gravitational Lensing."

Students in the course will maintain e-portfolios where they keep annotated versions of numerical programs, blog about their experiences in research, and reflect on their learning.  The students in the class are:

The primary research question asked by the class was whether the two-grid analysis of weak gravitational lensing data suggested by Kling and Campbell in 2008 would be effective in reconstructing mass density plots when noise was present in the data.  Members of the class wrote original C++ code to implement the Kling and Campbell method - significantly improving on the code used to support the 2008 paper - and found that noise was not a significant impediment to the method.

Course Materials will be kept here and in the class Blackboard site.
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