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A CV, also known as a curriculum vita, is basically a résumé which identifies a person’s qualifications and experiences.   I have decided to include it in my portfolio, not to impress you or to brag, but to give you an example of the possibilities. 


My students tell me I like to tell stories.  I think that they are right, I am a storyteller...and so here is one...


I remember when I was just finished with my four-year degree and applying for substitute teaching jobs while I was waiting for interviews for full-time positions.  I went back to the middle school I went to, as many students do, hoping they would still remember me and give me a job substitute teaching.  I remember the interview process and talking with the Vice Principal.  He asked, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"  Of course my answer included a description of my own classroom and the high school students I thought I would be teaching.  As I finished answering, I said, "oh yeah, I would like to go for a PhD."  I am fairly certain at that time I really hadn't consciously thought about going to school for a PhD.  It wasn't an idea my parents had put in my head, after all no one in my family, as far back as anyone knew, had a PhD.   When I look back now, I wonder what made me say that to the Vice Principal that day.  Maybe, it was observing college faculty members while I was a student, thinking, "I could do that!"


So, please take a look at my CV, and as you read it I hope you will think, "I can do that!"

Rebecca Metcalf,
Aug 30, 2010, 10:34 AM