Project supervisor: Ms. Mary Nsabagwa. mnsabagwa@cit.mak.ac.ug

Kuanza Gari is a Swahili expression meaning ‘start a car’. The interest of this project is focused on Car ignition systems by fingerprint. Ignition simply means the action of setting something on fire or starting to burn.

The main objective of the project is to develop a fingerprint car ignition system that is reliable, secure and convenient and as such reduces car theft and robbery 

The following functions are built into the application.

  • Capturing the authorized drivers‟ fingerprints.
  • Verifying drivers‟ fingerprints before starting and stopping the car.
  • Notifying the driver when the fingerprint is not verified by a display screen.
  • Sending an SMS to the car owner when there is a number of failed starts i.e. 5 failed starts by fingerprint
  • General system reset when the car is sold to a new owner. The car seller will be able to reset the system i.e. delete all existing fingerprints so the new owner can start a new

The following reasons are valid for developing kuanza gari.

Security; There have been rampant cases of car theft in East Africa as a whole where people have lost their cars through duplication of keys. This system will reduce car thefts by only allowing the car owner to start the car as programmed.

Do away with “Lost key” cases; Car keys normally can be misplaced or lost and this can be detrimental to the car owner and comes with a lot of inconveniences like time wastage while making other keys hence KUANZA GARI comes to solve this problem since every human being has a unique and immutable fingerprint.

Reliability;. The reliability is also paramount because fingerprints don’t change or wear out the way keys do.

Technology trends; With evolving technology, people are moving from traditional or old trends towards new sophisticated trends hence it’s high time for the Fingerprint car ignition to take troll.