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Who are we?

The BSRL is a Board comprised of Kenyon students and community members wishing to help promote spiritual and religious dialogue on campus.

The BSRL is open to anybody who would like to get involved or bring concerns or ideas to light.  We meet once a month in a Peirce Private Dining room to dialogue, support student groups, and hear budget requests.  Our meetings are usually on Thursdays at Noon.  Please see the note on the sidebar to the left about when our next meeting is and the Calendar for more specifics.  If you have a request for funds, please print off and complete the attached document below to bring to the next BSRL meeting.
All Kenyon students are welcome! 

While the BSRL is open to anybody as described above, there is a core of committed people who are members of the BSRL and attend our meetings regularly.  They include:

Director, BSRL
Gambier Quaker Worship Representative
(740) 427-4077

Jewish Chaplain
Hillel Director
(740) 427-5228

Secretary for the BSRL
(740) 427-5223

Campus Ministry Staff, CCO

Rector, Harcourt Parish Church of the Holy Spirit
(740) 427-2187
Board of Spiritual and Religious Life at Kenyon College,
Sep 21, 2009, 8:56 AM