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Sunday, February 21st,  2021 will be the next Youth Group meeting night at 7pm in the youth building. 

Please call Cassie Davis or text her at (618) 402-1827 if you are interested or able to attend.


BEACH Youth Group Includes Low Tide (Middle School Youth), High Tide (High School Youth) and Tsunami (Young Adults 18-23 year old)

Join us for Fun, Food and to Learn more about our Lord. All BEACH Groups are welcome and bring a friend.

Contact David Davis, Bryan Proctor, Evan Moore or Rick Moore if you have any questions.

CONFIRMATION CLASSES for our 8th Grade students meet on Wednesdays 
  • We have our weekly meal together at 5:30 p.m., followed by our classes from 6—7 p.m.   

Please see Pastor Leavitt if you have further questions.

YOUTH -- 2019 Nat'l Youth Gathering in Minneapolis

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The 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering (NYG) was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was an opportunity for some of our youth to connect with many other teens their own age.

  • Our teens THANK YOU you for all the support you have shown the youth in the past, and THANKS for all of the support you showed as we travelled to NYG 2019.  




Baptist Camp Center, Fort Myers Beach, FL 

Summer Service Trip 

helping survivors of Hurricane Irma. 

From the BEACH Chair

  • Thank You to the Saturday Night fellowship group from ALL the Youth! The snacks and t-shirts for this summer’s trip were VERY much appreciated and we thank you for all of your support !


“I enjoyed the youth trip to Ft. Myers very much. It was awesome to see youth from many of our district churches working together in service to help the victims of Hurricane Irma. It is amazing that so much work still needs to be done, but for a week, blessings were exchanged between us and the people of Copeland and Everglades City.”    - Norm Vagn 


  •  “The trip for me was to help people in need from hurricane Irma. When I helped out the people who needed me, they were grateful for me to help them out. The trip was also a time to meet new people in our district, to see new faces and hopefully to see them again in Minnesota.”   - Nick Vagn 


 “This trip gave me an idea of what it would be like to not have anyone help you when you needed it most. The hurricane was ten months ago and there were a lot of homes that still needed repairs.   The home owners were very happy to see volunteers because no one had been there to help them for a long time.  I am proud to have helped. “   - AJ Bereiter


  • “This trip meant getting closer to God while being surrounded by friends with the same goal. Helping fix houses under God's name was an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I was able to do it with people who have the same goal in mind. This trip helped me connect to God in ways I didn't know I could"   - Spencer Mauk 


“This trip to me was an opportunity to help people who loved where they lived, and had almost everything taken away from them. I worked in the construction division and got see what houses down in the everglades looked like. These houses were small trailer homes that were torn to pieces by Irma. Yet, everyone who I met that had so much taken away from them still held strong to their faith and still loved where they lived. This trip meant a lot to me because I got to help people who truly were devastated by Irma and see their joy and thankfulness after we came to help.”  - John Proctor 

  •    “This trip was a wonderful experience for me getting to see what hard work the youth of Beautiful Savior can do for those who needed it. The devastation in  Copeland and Everglades City was so hard to see but the youth brought hope to the people there and that is what that trip is all about. It is such a honor to be a part of this trip and bringing God’s hope to the people through something as simple as painting a home.”  - DFM Amanda Bell


Sunday Low Tide Bible Class  -- 9:15am

Sunday High Tide Bible Class -- 9:15am

Tsunami Bible Study...  (College Age / 20 somethings)

  • Saturdays @11am


Thank you to everyone who helped fund and make this trip to the National LCMS High School Youth Gatherings. 

In 2016 we went to New Orleans. It was a life changing experience!

High Tide Schedule... Summer 2017

Memories from Summer 2016

Low Tide -- 2016 Summer Memories

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our digital scrapbook of memories...

LIFE CHANGING.  The mission trip to Cairo, IL was incredible.

There is a lot of fun while making it safe & cool to talk about faith, spiritual issues, & life challenges. Here's a peek on our not-so-traditional style of fellowship. 

(And check out our summer activities on the attachments at the bottom of this page.)

High Tide = High School types, Bible Study, Snacks, Crazy people (we mean that in the best way possible) and a Good Time. We love to laugh, we love to strengthen our walk with Christ and find ways to shine His light in all that we do.  -- Remember, you can bring friends to our events!

Worship tailored specifically for high school students can be FUN. Yes, it doesn't have to be in a traditional can be on the beautiful Gulf beach!  We can't do this all the time, but with Florida weather, it happens more often.  


Servant Events allow high school students a chance to serve Christ by serving others in the community. This year our mission trip is to Cairo, Illinois in July. We'll help families in a variety of ways over several days. There is a way everyone will be able to encourage, inspire and just help others.

In addition to all the big group fun, we also have a guys group and a girls group that meet up once a week at coffee shops and restaurants. Theses groups are a fresh, unconventional approach to building a student's faith.  Each gathering includes food, fun and friends, faith discussions and prayer.


Low Tide = A time for our Junior High school youth to come together in Christ's name and have a Blast with snacks, games, other crazy junior high type people and dig into God's Word. -- Bring a buddy along with you so they can see the fun we have together!

Recently we met up by "camping out" at the church, having fun during a supervised pajama party at church... all with Christ at the center of these events. Cool. 

National Youth Gathering (NYG) happens once every three years. If you are interested in worship filled with music, drama, video and more, activities such as dances and concerts, and other events like servant projects, then you'll love NYG. Registration for 2016 starts in September 2015.
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