WOW.  This is an active group of seniors who enjoy field trips, munching, sharing stories, etc.. If you need to get involved and find new friends, this might be the group for you!

Contact Norm Kurtz (or the church office) if you want more information about how you can get involved in this fun group.

Hey! It’s time for Mardi Gras . Please join the SuperSeniorS at 1pm on or anytime after February 16th ( “Fat Tuesday” ).  

·      Invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to join your host Chester the Jester for mediocre humor and outstanding Christian Fellowship.

·      Plus enjoy the humor and music of James Albritton.

·      Look for livemusiclive Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS  on your smart TV or computer.

The SuperSeniorS are excited to announce Winter Fest. Please join your host Frosty  in kicking off the new year online at or after 1pm on or afterSaturday January 23rd with fun, fellowship and great entertainment. A link will be sent closer to the event for you to join in on the fun!

WinterFest 2021 produced by Joe Thayer! Join host Frosty️ and the SuperSeniorS at 1:00pm on Saturday January 23rd on YouTube ( livemusiclive Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS) for the great sounds 🎼 of recording and national touring artists Ari McManus and Nicholaas Kraster ( Ari and the Alibis). 

The  humor and Christian Fellowship will be sure to make the experience a wonderful respite from our day to day drudgery. This show will also be available anytime during or after the live event.   

The link for the SuperSeniors event is

November is Super Month for SuperSeniorS. 

Please join the SuperSeniorS for a day of Thanksgiving on Thursday November 19th at 1:00 pm or after. Your host, Miles Standish ♂️,will lead the Thanksgiving Celebration , with special musical guest Mickey White . Please invite ( warn) your friends, neighbors and relatives. This event will be live on Facebook and at livemusiclive on YouTube.

The link for watching the SuperSeniorS event is below.   This can be watched anytime, but be sure to watch and enjoy!

YouTube =


Facebook =

Past EventS:


Then stay tuned for a special treat errr at least distraction on Thursday October 29th for a second SuperSeniorS event. 

Please invite your friends, neighbors and relatives, to join the SuperSeniorS on or anytime after 1 pm on Thursday October 29th for ourFall Festival, produced live by Edgar Alan Crow, in his livemusiclive studio. 

Join host Patches  in welcoming Zep Tepi Sun ( Michael Mack and Angel) for some rousing entertainment. Find us on Facebook and YouTube ( livemusiclive- Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS) or use the link BELOW. Feel free to wear your favorite costume and prepare your favorite lunch ahead of time.

We hope you were able to watch last month, but if you weren’t you can still watch at . The entertainers “JUST FRIENDS” were wonderful, as well as the Captain!

Thank you to all who are supporting our online SuperSeniorS events. Between YouTube and Facebook, we had over 250 views. Many of those views included multiple people. Anyone wishing to make an offering to SuperSeniorS, just designate it’s for SuperSeniorS and these contributions will be given to our youth for their next mission trip or National Youth gathering.

Oct 8th:

Please join Moses and the Thayer Family Gospel Singers on or after 1pm on Thursday October 8th for our most popular show of the year, “ Gospel Fest “. It’ll be a good old fashioned revival full of familiar songs to sing along with and corny jokes from Moses .

Fun From Thur, Aug 20th

Please join the SuperSeniorS and your pilot and guide ️ Captain Over  for the "Around the World" musical tour featuring special guests “Just Friends “.


You and your friends, neighbors and relatives are welcome to join us at 1pmon Thursday September 17th live or anytime after. 

Below  is the link for YouTube, and it will also be on our Facebook page, or search YouTube on your smart TV under livemusiclive and look for the handsome dude dressed like a Gondolier.


Prior Events --


    -- Thurs, June 18th @ 1pm -- ONLINE!!

Stressed out because of the global pandemic? Tired of self quarantining?

  • It's time to "clown around" and relieve that panic with some pandemic JOKES & Joe Thayer's piano music during this online party.

The SuperSeniorS invite you to join them on Thursday , June 18th at 1 p.m. for an online PANDEMIC PANIC PARTY 

Recommended menu includes steak and lobster, rice pilaf and asparagus in a cream sauce or whatever you want to make...(since you're doing the cooking & eating at your place). For the 2nd time you’ll be able to enjoy a beer, wine or other beverage of your choice! 

So plan to CLICK on the link below to join in the online fun![0]=68.ARCF3SYcsLgDV9HEJV1y_PwNELPv3aooQWJGBfDO5nfPVM9hZstghVGJkB2E9n2IYLU2O0UH2q8n7XgF0dFLD42UHzWD2GntVJ8brJzxpuWqZNgFJtmgiwE-3hxVCeYD-Hpubkp_VLFvB2izW6rglfF_jJqhdw2_i8IDNLcWhlaYOUsKT9rcWkj-To8KFn2CQVSWyIU-PYtJZg6VOkJ2ArGODEvWA_jpOXkB_iQK8P0PuXhi4l0yzw9NHO4BMy3uJDk78Cfg0X4KEGbOysh4RFjd3__aBoFlIRMwOm8N-N3YQcUXu25GjWn6gb8nKmCMoVGutd0kXxzmUtyMfymzBBe7cGLNOSkWfyvwY4qoxvS3pW5XwUxQ840SXeHdl-0Hsxb0mCHgB0XyRdWIGyrx68kuqxhJpQ3ofB8IzSWJw0iGu1-W7u1lHkCbGY8EB7EYF2c1ZGcpCtvAsH6l1Y-RXyHcKkytmj4bg6WItGWMpJY8GHEYU5qX6s1n9kIUDof_ZhqpONbb

Then sit back and enjoy the classic sounds of our friend Joe Thayer while eating your favorite dessert and enjoying your beverage.

Please invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to tune in as well. No need to register for this one!


  • Thursday March 19th - noon- Irish ️ Fest. 


Sure and begorrah it’s time to celebrate the green. The SuperSeniorS invite you all to join them at noon on Thursday March 19th for Irish ️ Fest. Enjoy a traditional lunch, corny jokes, the music of vocalist and flautist Sarah Combs and warm Christian fellowship. You’re encouraged to wear green and invite your friends, neighbors and relatives. Try to sign up on the SuperSeniorS board in the fellowship hall. Erin go braugh

  • Thursday April 2nd -1:30- SuperSeniorS sponsor Parish Health Ministry seminar on Care Giving. 

  • Thursday April 16th - noon- our annual offsite- a safari to Linger Lodge.

Bring your friends, neighbors and relatives and please sign up on the Seniors board in the fellowship hall. As always we will only take a free will offering.

     PAST EVENTS... 

Ho, Ho, Ho. 
Santa invites all you elves to join us for the Super-SeniorS Christmas party at Noon on Thursday, December 19th.

Bring your favorite party food to share (appetizers, finger foods,
desserts, etc.) and enjoy all the wonderful holiday treats being
brought by everyone. 

Please sign up on the SuperSeniors board in the Fellowship Hall and indicate what you plan to bring if you know what it will be. Invite your friends, neighbors and relatives. Everyone is welcome.

The SuperSeniorS would like to invite all you Pilgrims and Indians to come celebrate our many Blessings at our 
Pilgrim Party at noon on Thursday November 15th. 

Warm up for Thanksgiving with a sumptuous meal. 

Enjoy the vocal and renowned guitar skills of Frankie Lombardi ( vocalist and drummer for the Dickie Betts band). Groan at the humor? and antics of our host. Bask in the warmth of Christian Fellowship. 

Bring your friends, neighbors and relatives and sign up in the fellowship hall so we can  know about how many to expect.


Oktober 18th @ Noon

Ach du Lieber ! Es ist zeit fur das Oktoberfest 

Our old friend Klement entertained us with German classics as we dined on brats and burgers, sauerkraut, red cabbage, and home made German potato salad followed by Black Forest Torte while basking in the warmth of Christian fellowship. 


Wild West Round-Up

Git along little doggies and mark your calendars for noon on the 3rd Thursday (the 17th) of September. The Super Seniors invite friends, neighbors, relatives and cowpokes of all ages to our Wild (as wild as we Seniors get) West Round-Up

Western style food, western style entertainment and Christian style fellowship.

As always there is no charge, we will take a free-will offering to offset expenses and support Helping Hands.

Western wear is not required but strongly encouraged.


Signing up in the Fellowship Hall is also not required, but strongly encouraged so we know about how much food to prepare. We will furnish dessert this month. You all furnish the fun and fellowship.


 Matinee Movie Mondays!!

Starting in October, Super Seniors will be introducing “Matinee Movie Mondays.” We will be showing Family Friendly movies the 1st Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. Movie type snacks (popcorn, pretzels, etc. and soft drinks) will be available. There will be no charge! A free-will offering will be taken to support Helping Hands. Invite friends, neighbors and relatives of all ages. Stay tuned for coming attractions! See you at the movies!



Fifth Friday 
Game Day(s)

Also starting in October, Super Seniors will be introducing Fifth Friday Game Days. On Friday, October 30th we will meet at 1:30 p.m. for Christian Fellowship and a little friendly competition.

Please feel free to bring a dessert to share.

Refreshments will be provided. Invite your friends, neighbors and relatives of all ages.

Prizes will be given out.

All games will be done on a team basis.


It’s the fun and fellowship that we want to emphasize!

The Super Seniors would like to thank everyone who joined us on Dec. 18th in celebrating our favorite season of the year. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Dinner, featuring entertainment by the Beautiful Savior Choir, in a Christmas sing-a-long. 

What fun & fellowship!  Thanks everyone!! 

Thanks to everyone who attended our Thanksgiving Feast sponsored by our Super Seniors on Thursday, November 20th.

Hope you enjoyed the Talent Show. Hollywood better be aware of the incredible talent in Florida!!


In spring,  the Super Seniors were serenaded by about 15 students from Riverside High School under the direction of their music director (...who happens to be the church music director at Beautiful Savior, too), Norm Vagn.  Both winds and string ensembles performed.  Of course, musicians often start their careers playing music for food, so the Super Seniors served Hebrew National "tube steaks" (aka hot dogs) with all the fixin's, side dishes and home made desserts.  It was a fun day! (...and the students were able to escape from classes for a few extra hours during mid-day!).