Outreach / Serving


How will you reach out to your neighbors, friends and co-workers in 2016? 


10 ideas for building relationships with your neighbors and co-workers.

  1. ONGOING...Special Delivery - Notice when you get a new neighbor and go to meet them.  See details below how we can help!
  2. PRAY for your neighbors.
  3. Dessert or Cookout - invite 1 family or all the surrounding families and start building those relationships.
  4. Mini Collections/Drives - include your neighbors in collection for items as we do drives at church. Let them know where it's going and how they can help. 
  5. Tailgate in your driveway or clubhouse parking lot-  Get your neighbors together to enjoy a game or go to the park and create your own game!
  6.  Invite your neighbors to church with you. Grab lunch afterwards.   Offer to pick them up.
  7. Neighborhood Association Activities - Go to your neighborhood activities if you are available. Great chance to meet your neighbors.
  8. Go for a WALK - Just a simple act like going for a walk or taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood can help you meet people.   If you don't run into anyone, start praying for each house as you pass  by, just keep your eyes open while you're walking :)
  9. Go to a local high school game- Go with your neighbor or meet someone there. You are bound to meet someone new or see someone you haven't run into in a while.    
  10. Start a Bible Study - 

Click here for a great website for starting a Neighborhood Bible Study.