You are no doubt familiar with the “Parable of the Sower”.  We’ve left out the seeds that were sown and didn’t survive, but are focusing on the ones that took root.  We like to think of ourselves as “rooted Christians”, but if we’re honest we have to confess that some days our soil is not convenient for the seed (Word) or rocks and thorns of life get in the way. 

·      The seed we’re talking about today is actual seed sent from “Hope Seeds” to countries all over the world. 

·      “Hope Seeds” is in their 20th year of providing seeds mostly to Third World Countries so they may be able to feed themselves and also to be fed God’s Word. 

·      These seeds have multiplied many times over!  They have led not only to providing food for families but also to a means of having an income.  Praise be to God! 

  • ·      Over the years a total of 254,312 packets of seeds have been sent along with 20,112 “Messages of Hope”.
  • ·      These along with training and educational materials transmitted to those in greatest need via the staff of “Hope Seeds” and a network of missionaries and agricultural workers associated with “Hope Seeds”.
  • ·      Seventeen countries were served including the U.S., Haiti, Central America, Venezuela, and other countries in Africa. 
  • ·      Four languages – English, Creole, Spanish and Portuguese with 81 missions served at an estimated value of $776,273.80!  Yes, they are statistics but they represent many lives saved and won for Christ.



We will have a chance to pack some of these seeds here at Beautiful Savior on Friday, February 22, from 9:30 until noon.  We invite anyone in the congregation to join us in this endeavor.  Come for an hour or two and help us pack seeds for “Hope Seeds”.



When visiting our LWML website I came across the latest information on our Mission Goal for the 2017-2019 biennium.  As you know we voted to fund $2,075,000.00 for Mission Grants during these two years

  • ·      Our fiscal year ends on March 31, 2019
  • ·      The National LWML Convention is scheduled for June 20-23, 2019. 
  • ·      The amount received thus far is $1,547,807.85 and we have $527,192.15 still needed. 

Let’s make a sincere effort to get those mites in.  Please bring your mite boxes in and empty into the big mite box in the narthex or in the fellowship hall.  We do so appreciate all of you who use your mite boxes and Gods’ “mitey” work gets done. THANK YOU ALL!

Speaking of thanks, I want to thank Joyce Adams and her sister, Kay Schwab, who helped many of us make Valentines at our last meeting.  These will be sent to our shut-ins.  We enjoyed making them and the fellowship.  Thanks again!



·      Our next meeting will be Monday, March 11 at 10 AM in the Conference Room. 
·      February 22 -- meet to package seeds for “Hope Seeds” starting at 9:30 AM.
·      LWML Sarasota Spring Rally at Faith Lutheran, Parrish on Saturday, March 30, 2019 
·      LWML National Convention in Mobile, AL - June 20-23, 2019 

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, 

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”  Philippians 4:7


Did you know there are still many ladies that are not signed up to get the Evangel and all the other news from the LWML FL-GA District online? Please share with them how easy it is to get ALL the district news, including the Evangel, delivered to their computer.   
1. Go to www.flgalwml.com  website and on the home page there is a little box titled “Join a Mailing List.” Select LWML FL-GA District Subscription.   

2. Type your friends name and email address in appropriate boxes and CLICK on “Join List.” That’s it!


The might of mites... see where our mites have been allocated recently.

Please see Dolly Morris or call 753-3794.


“Being raised outside the church, working in a regimented military career,

and living with a Muslim husband certainly could send a young woman into emotional and physical overload.  This was the life of Erica Stephenson, as she served her country and her family, yet she was separated from God.”  She shares her story in the latest issue of the “Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly”.  Erica is a witness to the “steadfast love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, who called her out of darkness, into His marvelous light (I Peter 2:9)”.  As a reminder to all of us Erica says “I do not have to shoulder life by myself.  I am a beloved child of God and he wants me to lay my burdens at His feet.”  Her husband has also become a Christian as well as their children.  Erica is still in the military but is also serving as a part-time Deaconess in her home church.  “Praise the Lord”.


Lucy Fuller and Penny Myers will be attending as delegates representing Beautiful Savior LWML.   We sincerely appreciate their willingness to serve in this capacity.  Thank you, Lucy and Penny.  



LWML FALL RALLY – Nov. 10 in Venice

·      SARASOTA Lakeside Lutheran Church Venice, FL  -- Date: November 10, 2018


Our next LWML meeting for BSLC is Monday, Sept TBD, at 10:00 AM and I hope you can join us.

Serving the Lord with Gladness”  Psalm 100:2a


Remember to recycle those used printer cartridges, cell phones, e-readers, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, etc. Please place them in the bins under the LWML table in the Fellowship Hall. They will be gratefully accepted.


Serving the Lord with Gladness” --  Psalm 100:2a

Notes from Dolly Morris...

The two travelers on the way to Emmaus met Jesus and after they recognized Him they hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples and others that He was alive. That message is repeated each Easter in Christian churches all over the world. Does it stop there? I hope not because it is the foundation of our faith. I Corinthians 15:17  

We have the assurance that our faith is not in vain and therefore the hope of eternal life. This is what we want to share by reaching out to others and helping to meet some of their needs in the name of Jesus. That is the goal of Lutheran Women in Mission.

New mite boxes can be found in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you again for using those mite boxes.


Many of you may be familiar with Hope Seeds since it originated right here in Manatee County about 17 years ago. They have distributed millions of seeds to many people in 57 different countries and are still going strong. Be sure to come and listen to the latest stories of where and how these seeds are distributed. “Plant a Seed! Feed a Soul!”


Our new program “READY, SET, RECYCLE” has added some other items to the list. You already know & greatfully show your support by bringing in empty (used) ink cartridges from your computer's home printer. -- But check out the new items we're accepting for recycling. 

If you no longer use the following items, we have a place for them and will gladly accept them to be recycled. You can bring in used:

  • Pagers,
  • PDA’s,
  • DVD players,
  • i-Pods,
  • MP3 players,
  • Digital Cameras,
  • Laptop Computers,
  • GPS Systems,
  • Scientific/Graphing Calculators,
  • Tablets,
  • e-Readers and i-Pads.

Wow! We have really gone technical. Keep us in mind if you replace or no longer need these items. Bins for your donations are under the LWML table in the Fellowship Hall. Thanks again!

Our LWML here at Beautiful Savior continue to collect those mites and disburse special gifts to needed charities. Hope Family services recently received the toiletries and used cell phones that you have given. Other recipients of your generosity were the children of Manatee County who are designated as homeless. An added thank-you to all who keep our “Meals on Wheels” barrel full. There is always a need for food and summer is a crucial time as many families can no longer rely on free school lunches.

  • We meet on the second Monday of each month at 10am in the Wayman Still Administration Bldg's library / conference room. 

May your heart be blessed with new joys this fall!

Stay up to date on all the LWML happenings in the Florida-Georgia district at: www.flgalwml.com 


You can always find more national information on the LWML website:  www.lwml.org