If you are traveling, homebound, or just wanting to listen again to a sermon, this library of sermons from our pastors has been created.  

 Date    Title or Topic

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 8-20-17 Great Faith of a Canaanite Woman 
 4-30-17 Road to Emmaus
 3-27-17 Jesus Heals a Blind Man

(John 9)
 9-25-16 A Rich Man and Lazarus 

Luke 16:19-31
 9-18-16 Parable of the Dishonest Manager --

Luke 16:1-13.
 9-11-16 Seeking the Lost
 7-24-16 Teach Us to Pray (Luke 11)
 7-17-16 Mary & Martha
 7-10-16 Love Thy Neighbor...Who is my Neighbor?
 7-3-16 My Help Comes from the Lord
 6-26-16 Are You in a Hurry? -- Luke 9:60
 6-19-16 Declare How Much God Has Done for You

Luke 8:38-39
 6-12-16 At the Feet of Jesus

Based on the Gospel message from Luke 8:36
 6-5-2016 When Jesus Confronts Death...

(& brings physically dead back to life)
Jesus raised the son of the widow of Nain from the dead (Luke 7:11-15)

 5-29-2016 No Atheists in Foxholes
 5-22-2016 Wisdom