Expansion of the main Fellowship Hall started with the official groundbreaking on Sunday, March 23 after the 10:30am worship service. 

 Construction took several months, but we celebrated & dedicated this building to God's glory on November 16, 2014.  

Enjoy the wonderful video capturing the construction process on our YouTube channel:

Our church family accrued funds for more than 5 years (partly due to the construction delay caused by the economic downturn) before taking this next step of the actual start of construction.   

Thanks to Najjar Construction for taking the lead on this project. 

Be sure to praise God for the ability to expand His house so more people can grow deeper in relationship with our Heavenly Father.  And bless all the workers as they build this wonderful extension to our Fellowship Hall. 


One of the best kept secrets at Beautiful Savior Church is the excellent library located in the Wayman Still administration building.  Members can check out books using the honor system; library cards are in the front or back of each book. (Simply fill out the card and place it in the card box. When you're done reading your book, drop it into the plastic frosted box on the table near the hallway door to the library.)

You can donate books from your personal library. Simply bring these books to the church office so we are aware of your donation.  The church library staff reviews donated books to ensure they are of appropriate content.  Books might include your favorite Christian authors, or other stewardship oriented books.  DVDs, CDs are also accepted as donations.

The Church Library has been rearranged, with many VHS tapes removed and several new books added. If you haven’t been in lately, please check it out.

In case you didn’t know, we have many wonderful reference books, including 33 volumes of Luther’s Works. You could read a volume of commentaries on selected Psalms, or, for the more ambitious, his 8 volumes of lectures on Genesis.

There is an entire shelf on Jesus & His Family, including a recent donation – a beautifully bound volume of “In the Footsteps of Jesus”.

We have many great authors, such as Billy Graham and members of his family (Ruth Bell Graham’s “Legacy of a Pack Rat” is a gem), Chuck Swindoll, Paul Maier, David Jeremiah and Max Lucado.

There are also 3 shelves marked “For General Use – Bible, Hymnals and Study Guides”.

·       If you wish to take one of these volumes for your personal use, please feel free to do so. They do not need to be returned.

If you’re looking for some humor, we have several editions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. We also have many devotional books in Section 242, for anyone who needs a spiritual uplift.

We’ve recently added 5 new books in Beverly Lewis’s “Home to Hickory Hollow” series in the Fiction section.

We have a few CDs and DVDs located in the Children/Teen section.



When you take a book, please just remember to pull the card from the back of the book, fill in your name and the date, and place the card in the small box on the table beside the double doors.

Returned books should be placed in the large plastic bin on that table.

New materials being donated to the Library should be placed in the box on the table.

Reference books should be returned as quickly as possible. As these books do not have cards in them, please fill out the larger card that is available on the table and put it in place of the volume removed.