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SUPERSENIORS -- MardiGras / FAT TUESDAY Fun online

posted Aug 3, 2019, 9:53 AM by Beautiful Savior   [ updated Feb 22, 2021, 12:22 PM ]

Hey! It’s time for Mardi Gras . Please join the SuperSeniorS anytime after February 16th ( “Fat Tuesday” ).  

·      Invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to join your host Chester the Jester for mediocre humor and outstanding Christian Fellowship.

·      Plus enjoy the humor and music of James Albritton.

·      Look for livemusiclive Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS on  on your smart TV or computer.


The SuperSeniorS are excited to announce Winter Fest. Please join your host Frosty in kicking off the new year online at or after 1pm on or after Saturday January 23rd with fun, fellowship and great entertainment.

WinterFest 2021 produced by Joe Thayer! Join host Frostyand the SuperSeniorS at 1:00pm on Saturday January 23rd on YouTube ( livemusiclive Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS) for the great sounds 🎼 of recording and national touring artists Ari McManus and Nicholaas Kraster ( Ari and the Alibis). 

The  humor and Christian Fellowship will be sure to make the experience a wonderful respite from our day to day drudgery. This show will also be available anytime during or after the live event.   

The link for the SuperSeniors event is


We would like to invite all of you, your friends, neighbors and relatives to join Santa and his Elves on or after Thursday, December 17th on or after 1 pm. Fix your favorite party snacks and refreshments and sit back and enjoy some virtual Christmas fellowship.

Have your own ugly sweater contest while listening to Christmas jokes and your favorite traditional Christmas Carols .

Go to  and search for livemusiclive Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS or use the following link

Past Event:

November is Super Month for SuperSeniorS. 

The SuperSeniorS enjoyed a day of Thanksgiving on Thursday November 19th at 1pm, BUT you can STILL enjoy it again! Your host, Miles Standish ♂️,will lead the Thanksgiving Celebration , with special musical guest Mickey White . Please invite ( warn) your friends, neighbors and relatives. 

The link for watching the SuperSeniorS event is below.   This can be watched anytime, but be sure to watch and enjoy!

YouTube =


Facebook =



Then stay tuned for a special treat errr at least distraction on Thursday October 29th for a second SuperSeniorS event. Watch for more details on this second special event.

Please invite your friends, neighbors and relatives, to join the SuperSeniorS on or anytime after 1 pm on Thursday October 29th for our Fall Festival, produced live by Edgar Alan Crow, in his livemusiclive studio. 

Join host Patches  in welcoming Zep Tepi Sun ( Michael Mack and Angel) for some rousing entertainment. Find us on Facebook and YouTube ( livemusiclive- Beautiful Savior SuperSeniorS) or use the link BELOW. Feel free to wear your favorite costume and prepare your favorite lunch ahead of time.

Past Event:

We hope you were able to watch last month, but if you weren’t you can still watch at .  The entertainers “JUST FRIENDS” were wonderful, as well as the Captain!

Thank you to all who are supporting our online SuperSeniorS events. Between YouTube and Facebook, we had over 250 views. Many of those views included multiple people. Anyone wishing to make an offering to SuperSeniorS, just designate it’s for SuperSeniorS and these contributions will be given to our youth for their next mission trip or National Youth gathering.

Please join the SuperSeniorS and your pilot and guide ️ Captain Over  for the "Around the World" musical tour featuring special guests “Just Friends “.


You and your friends, neighbors and relatives are welcome to join us at 1pm on Thursday September 17th live or anytime after

Below  is the link for YouTube, and it will also be on our Facebook page, or search YouTube on your smart TV under livemusiclive and look for the handsome dude dressed like a Gondolier.

RECENT EVENTS - June 18th, 2020:

Stressed out because of the global pandemic? Tired of self quarantining?

  • It's time to "clown around" and relieve that panic with some pandemic JOKES & Joe Thayer's piano music during this online party.

The SuperSeniorS invite you to join them on Thursday , June 18th at 1 p.m. for an online PANDEMIC PANIC PARTY 

Recommended menu includes steak and lobster, rice pilaf and asparagus in a cream sauce or whatever you want to make...(since you're doing the cooking & eating at your place). For the 2nd time you’ll be able to enjoy a beer, wine or other beverage of your choice! 

So plan to CLICK on the link below to join in the online fun![0]=68.ARCF3SYcsLgDV9HEJV1y_PwNELPv3aooQWJGBfDO5nfPVM9hZstghVGJkB2E9n2IYLU2O0UH2q8n7XgF0dFLD42UHzWD2GntVJ8brJzxpuWqZNgFJtmgiwE-3hxVCeYD-Hpubkp_VLFvB2izW6rglfF_jJqhdw2_i8IDNLcWhlaYOUsKT9rcWkj-To8KFn2CQVSWyIU-PYtJZg6VOkJ2ArGODEvWA_jpOXkB_iQK8P0PuXhi4l0yzw9NHO4BMy3uJDk78Cfg0X4KEGbOysh4RFjd3__aBoFlIRMwOm8N-N3YQcUXu25GjWn6gb8nKmCMoVGutd0kXxzmUtyMfymzBBe7cGLNOSkWfyvwY4qoxvS3pW5XwUxQ840SXeHdl-0Hsxb0mCHgB0XyRdWIGyrx68kuqxhJpQ3ofB8IzSWJw0iGu1-W7u1lHkCbGY8EB7EYF2c1ZGcpCtvAsH6l1Y-RXyHcKkytmj4bg6WItGWMpJY8GHEYU5qX6s1n9kIUDof_ZhqpONbb

Then sit back and enjoy the classic sounds of our friend Joe Thayer while eating your favorite dessert and enjoying your beverage.

Please invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to tune in as well. No need to register for this one!


 MOST ON CAMPUS ACTIVITIES SUSPENDED due to Coronavirus precautions.

"Baby Shower" COLLECTION DRIVE -- for Community Pregnancy Center - MARCH 28-29

The Evangelism Board is going to host a “Baby Shower” for the women and men in our community who are in need of supplies for their families.   The Community Pregnancy Center offers free services to those in need, and are always looking for help from our community.   The items they are in need of are below, but any baby items would be gladly accepted.


We will be taking donations the weekend of March 28 & 29 and April 4 & 5. There will be a crib set up for you to set your donations in!  Thank you!

·      Diapers size 4, 5 and 6     

·      Pull Ups size 2T/3T and 4T/5T   (we are on the 211 list for assistance - families that may have special needs child)

·      New - Newborn Car Seat 

·      Clothing (Sleepers, outfits, onesies ) size 6-9 months  / 9-12 months  /. 18 months. / and 24 months -2 T

·      Bottles with nipples and cap

·      Swaddle blankets

·      We usually keep 1 or 2 crib sheets on hand but we are currently out (on occasion there will be a request)

·      Diaper Rash Cream (example Aquaphor)

·      Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion   

·      Diaper Bags 

  • Gift Cards - increments of $10.00 - $20.00 or $25.00 amounts.  (Publix, Walmart, Target, etc). Can be used to help fill an Rx, specialty formula, prenatal vitamins, shoes needed for employment, specific baby need) 

Really we can use whatever is put upon someone’s heart to give!!!  

Lap Blankets for Vets

The Service Guild is crocheting lap blankets for Vets in our area, and we really need donations of Yarn in Red, White & Blue. 

If you have any yarn yo

u would like to donate please bring in Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. Thank you!

Starting in 2020, a member of the Parish Health Ministry Team (PHM) will be available once each month on the 3rd Wednesday from 11am – 2pm. The PHM office is located in the Still Building.

This is an opportunity for members to have blood pressure checks, ask questions about their medications, discuss health concerns confidentially and explore options for the best health. We’ll always welcome anyone who wants to drop by to say HELLO.

No appointments are needed, but if you have a specific need which you would like to discuss and want to be assured of enough time, please feel free to call ahead (church office: 941-355-2798) to schedule a specific time.