See you tomorrow!

Post date: Sep 22, 2012 10:42:05 AM

The day is almost there!

We have events starting with the Ganesh Puja, leading to the sahastravarthan, lunch prasad and a cultural programme all promising to make it a memorable day.

For further details on the programme and to plan your visit, please visit the site

If you have registered for 'Lunch Prasad', please visit the reception to collect your tokens. To claim tokens, you will require either the name or the email address used at the time of registration for the Lunch Prasad.

Please download and print a copy of the bhajan and atharvasheesh booklet from the website to participate in the sahastravarthan and aarti. Only a limited number of copies are available at the hall.

Some colouring activities have been planned to keep the children busy during the saastravarthan. If you wish your child to colour in a Bal Ganesh from the website, why not download a copy and get the print to the hall for colouring in by your child.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.