Investing in yourself

My mentor advised me that one should invest in himself. With so many things to do, I thought I need to come up with an investment plan, sounds interesting? Question - what is the difference between investing and purchasing? (my mentor asked me this question)


The first plan of action is to figure out what skills do I add on to myself.  Here's a plan (not thought through) for some of the technical skills

  • Mathematics
      • Probability
      • Game Theory
      • Numerical Methods 
  • Algorithms
    • NP completeness
    • Theory of Computation 
  • Programming Languages
  • Python
  • .NET framework 
  • Operating System Internals
      • Synchronization 
  • New Technologies
    • Web Services
    • J2EE
    • Web 2.0
    • SOA 
  • Windows Programming
  • Graphical Programming