At the time-being we have a stationary iView X tracker (1250 Hz., SMI-Vision software) located in the BSI lab (B0013b) and two mobile TOBii T120 eye tracking units (120 Hz., Clearview software for recording and own software for stimulus presentation; reception desk of BSI Lab). Before reserving an eyetracker it is crucial to contact Hubert Voogd (h.voogd@donders.ru.nl) and inform him about your plans. He will advice you which system will be the most suitable for your plans. For more basic information on eye tracking see here .

iView (stationary): Reservations of the stationary unit are basically self-organized through a YAHOO calender for which you can get access via Gero Lange (g.lange@psych.ru.nl). After being invited to the 'group' you can view the reservations, reserve time-slots not used by others, or communicate with the other users.

iView - Rules and recommendations
  • Patient studies have utmost priority. Students can be rescheduled much more easily. If you need to test a patient in a time-slot already reserved by someone else, make sure to inform the researcher at least 4 days in advance so he/she can change his/her planning.
  • It is preferred that you do not block whole days or weeks: If at all one researcher may block either morning hours until 13.00h while another one blocks the afternoon from 13.00h on, or vice versa, but NO full days. At any rate: Lent priority to patient studies and respond flexible to infrequent users' demands.
  • Use after 17h is possible but you need to arrange with the porters of the BSI lab/main building for locking of lab and Spinoza tower.
  • Only reserve the time-slots in which you are actually testing.
  • Be flexible and talk to each other when problems occur.
  • Reset all changed settings/parameters of the eye-tracker back to default after you're done !

TOBii (mobile): As for the mobile units, reservations will be centrally supervised and schedules will be displayed on this page. For reservations please contact Gero Lange (g.lange@psych.ru.nl). If there are technical problems please contact Hubert Voogd (h.voogd@donders.ru.nl) or Gerard van Oijen (g.vanOijen@donders.ru.nl).
When having reserved the TOBii a couple of rules apply in order to accomplish optimal use of the units (including sharing between researchers in the very same reservation period).

Tobii - Rules and recommendations
  •  ‘Reserve’ the units before use !!! Even though it is a vacation period or the units ‘seem’ not to be in use at a particular time. Reservations can be arranged with Gero Lange (g.lange@psych.ru.nl). Please provide not only detailed information about the time period you wish to test in (weeks and days of those weeks), but also the names of all testers involved as well as the responsible supervisor.  The reservations will be published here.
  • The mobile units are not meant for stationary use in the BSI lab. Please use the iView tracker instead. Only in very rare occasions and  after having discussed the specific case with Gero Lange (g.lange@psych.ru.nl), different arrangements may be made.
  • There are two laptops with each unit. Never separate them from their units nor swap them between units.
  • Do not mess with programming or set-up of neither the units nor the stationary system if you don’t know what you are doing. For technical support and instructions contact : Hubert Voogd (h.voogd@donders.ru.nl) or Gerard van Oijen (g.vanOijen@donders.ru.nl).
  • If you know what you are doing and you changed the settings: Reset all changed settings/parameters of the eye-tracker back to default after you're done !
  • Be prepared to share the units with other researchers, especially if you do not test on each day of the week. We only have two units. When you need a tracker despite the fact that it is already reserved, negotiate with each other about how to cooperate and inform Gero Lange about the arrangements. Allow reasonable time for the other researcher to change his/her appointments.
  • In order to make sharing easier, please consider your reservation carefully, even if you are the first to reserve a unit. Check beforehand on which days and for how long you will be testing, and if it is really necessary to block a complete week.
  • For the same reasons it is not recommended to leave the units at the test locations. It may be that you/the testers may be ill or test sessions may be canceled.  In that case colleagues may want to use the units instead. However, it is not always sensible nor practical to return the Tobii every day, as (un-)packing and moving a unit every day may harm the system and measurements in the long run. Make wise decisions about the storage based on your reservation period, arrangements with the test location, and other users. At any rate, the system has to be returned before the weekends. Important: The two units are NOT insured !!! Any damage may be on your own expenses.