BSI Cubicle Lab Schedule

Cubicles 1-20, Interaction Rooms 2a, 13, 13a, 14, 15, 16

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Labspace Reservation Procedure


Click on the this link for the schedule and follow the steps below


Step 1: Fill in Information

Open the lab schedule and find the week for which you want to reserve labspace (click on the corresponding sheet on the bottom of the screen). Scroll down to Researcher Information and fill in the cells under the blue columns. The remaining (yellow) columns will be filled in automatically. Copy-paste your researcher information to every week in which you want to reserve labspace. If you want to reserve both types of rooms (i.e., cubicles ánd interaction rooms), please fill in your information twice (in separate rows).


Step 2: Check how much labspace you can reserve

Move to the last column with the heading Max. hours in currrent week. This column tells you how many hours you are allowed to reserve in this week based on the information that you filled in. You can distribute your hours in any way you like within the week schedule with the only limit that you can take maximally 4 cubicles, or 2 interaction rooms, or 2 cubicles + 2 interaction rooms at the same time. For example, if your Max. hours is 32, you can use 4 cubicles for 8 hours on 1 day (4 cubicles x 8 hours x 1 day = 32 hours). An alternative example is that you use 1 cubicle for 8 hours on 4 days (1 cubicle x 8 hours x 4 days = 32 hours). However, please try to spread your hours as much as your own agenda allows and take as few rooms as possible.


Step 3: Reserve labspace

Fill your name and time into the timeslot that you want to reserve with the number of hours you reserve between brackets (e.g. "Andre Klapper, 9:00-17:00 (8)"). The color of timeslots that you reserve will automatically change to white, so that other people can easily spot which timeslots are free. If you find a certain cell occupied but there is still time available that you would like to reserve, just add a row by right clicking on the row number on the left and click on "insert". You can enter your reservation in the new row.


Step 4: Reserve additional labspace (if you want)

The restrictions on the number of reserved cubicles are active until friday TEN DAYS BEFORE THE WEEK STARTS. As of this day, you are allowed to reserve up to 5 cubicles or 3 interaction rooms at the same time during the whole week (if available) regardless of your Max. hours in current week. You can easily see whether the restrictions are still active by looking under the heading Reservation restriction under the week schedule. Please make sure that you actually use the timeslots you reserve!


Step 5: Cancel labspace (if you do not need it)

Before the week starts, make sure that you cancel reservations that you do not need anymore. For this, just turn the timeslot back into its original state (i.e. type into the cell: "insert: name, time" or copy-paste it from a free time slot.).

Step 6: Reserve labspace beyond your initial reservation (if necessary)

At some point, you may realise that you did or will not get as many participants as you need. In that case, you can make another reservation as if it would be for an additional study. You can do this as soon as it becomes apparent that you will not be able to get enough participants based on your first reservation. When you make your additional reservation, please fill in the sample size that you think you will be lacking after you finished collecting data based on your last reservation. If necessary, repeat this step.



- Reservations will be checked by the lab-scheduler. Be sure that you do not reserve more hours than indicated in Max. hours as long as the restrictions are still active. If you take more and the demand for labspace is too high, some of your reservations may be cancelled by the lab-scheduler. Of course, you as a researcher can also e-mail researchers who took too much labspace.

- In some weeks of the year the demand for labspace tends to be higher than usual. In such weeks, the Max. hours that you receive may be lower than you expected.

- In some weeks of the year, the entire lab is reserved for OP3. In these weeks, OP3 supervisors need to send requests for reservations to one of the lab schedulers who will then create a lab schedule. As soon as this schedule is finished, it will appear online and the remaining labspace will become available for reservations by non-OP3 researchers. Please understand that OP3 weeks always cause delays with putting the lab schedule online.

- If you need labspace when none is available anymore, you can contact people who already reserved labspace and see if you can arrange to share labspace.

- If you prefer a specific room (e.g. because of specific settings that apply only to this room) and it is already reserved, you can contact the person who reserved it and ask whether this person can move to a different room or exchange it for one of your reserved rooms.

- If you have a good reason to reserve more labspace than allowed, please send an e-mail to to ask for an exception.

If you want to reserve a VR lab, please click here

If you want to reserve an eye-tracker, please click here.