Welcome to the planning site for the Berkeley Springs High School Signboard(s) and website. Currently a signboard hangs in the main cafeteria, and another hangs over the office window in the entrance way. Others are planned for the main hall of the A building, lobby of the gym and lobby in the B building when funding becomes available. These signboards are to supplement and in some cases replace the daily announcements made during first period. The display alternates between a text only signboard with a calendar of upcoming events, a calendar of athletic events, the daily lunch menu, and a display of pictures & posters. The purpose of this site to is explain the signboards and for those interested, information on how to have your announcements, events, or photos appear on the signboard.

SEE The signboard on your computer: 
    You can see a copy of the general events  on your computer with this link: http://preview.risevision.com/Viewer.html?type=presentation&id=78e3b76d-3d3e-48db-8e68-173346035fe5
    You can see a copy of the photos and announcements on your computer with this link:
    NOTE: This link displays best when you use google chrome.

How it works:
    The signboard runs a display program that provides a basic template with background colors, some static text, like the name of the school and empty sections or portals. The software then fills these sections with data it pulls from google drive; calendars in the case of the lunch menu and upcoming events, a spread sheet for announcements, and a google slideshow(googles powerpoint clone) for pictures and posters. The program refreshes its data every 5 minutes. Changing the template is a complicated process, however updating the content is very easy. Authorized users can update the data, dates and photos from any computer or in some cases a smartphone and the sign will shortly reflect the change.   

    Events are pulled from a number of google calendars. While anyone can view the calendars adding or editing events in the calendar is limited, If you have single event to add send the information about your event to Brice, or Teresa, If you want to be able at add and edit events contact Brice

    Pictures for the signboards and the Public High School Website are pulled from a shared Google Photo Album, anyone can upload pictures to the album. If you have just a single picture to add email it to Brice or Teresa.