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Resources for Digital Projects

1.  Creative Commons
Thousands of people have applied a Creative Commons license to their work. This means that these images are copyright friendly.  (There are variations on the Creative Commons license, but you may use them as long as you follow the request of the artist who has provided the image you wish to use.)
Search Creative Commons  This search engine lets you narrow your search by source; you might wish to look only at Google Images with a Creative Commons license, for example.
You must cite your source!  Copy and paste the image's URL onto your Works Cited page or slide and include the title and creator of the image.
Example:  I want to use the following image in my project:
I had to follow a couple of links to find the creator, title, and original URL of the image.  This is how I would cite it in my project:
2.  Copyright Friendly Photo Sites
Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyright friendly; however, you must cite your source!  Copy and past the image's URL onto your Works Cited page or slide and include the title of the image, if one is given.
1.  Creative Commons
 Just as photographers and artists apply Creative Commons licenses to their works, so do many musicians.  If you wish to add music to your project, you must cite your source.  If your work is going to be posted to the web, you cannot use copyrighted music in your project.
Legal Music for Videos  You'll find a hyperlinked list of audio sites here that provide copyright friendly music and sounds.