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Razr Eclipse

Razr Eclipse Theme for GSam Battery Monitor.

Here is a little background on this theme.
The name comes from Eclipse rom that was created for droid razr. The main feature that the rom has is the check mark when battery is at 100%.

The first release of the eclipse theme contained the exact images from the rom. The next few releases had some slight changes to the original images. The Last update contains dark blue icons, green icons, white icons, and new ICS icons. The Old ICS Icons have been moved to a new theme.Overlay will be possible if you have George's GSam Battery - Icon Pack installed. There will be charging icons now.

There was an error in the latest release of this theme. I somehow managed to leave out the icons from 0 to 10. The theme shows the default circle icons that come in the source. Below I have uploaded a temporary apk. I am unable to use the correct key to sign for Google Play, because I am not at home. I will be returning home Friday night and will fix the Google Play apk as soon as I can.
Apr 17, 2013, 3:35 PM