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Professional Development

DOE Publications and Resources:

  • Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities

  • Content Area Grade Expectations

 VT CITE An online community that supports the integration of technology.  Browse for and submit resources, read and join educator forums, link to Vermont initiatives that support technology integration and more!
 The Champlain Valley Educator Development Center at Champlain College provides a complete listing of professional development opportunities in our region.
 VITA-Learn Vermont Information Technology Association for the advancement of Learning
See Program Descriptions for Vermont Fest 2009
 ISTEISTE is the  International Society for Technology in Education
National Technology Standards for Teachers and Students
 GED 527 V: The Literacy Technology Connection
A link to the class website Ged527V- resources related to to reflective writing and digital storytelling
 K-12 STEM Lesson Plans and Curriculum ideas 
 Curriki is a wiki for curriculum ideas.  Browse by subject and find multiple lesson ideas all on the topic or standard you are trying to address.

Under a single topic you may find PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, worksheets, online resources etc. All in the same place :)