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Snapgrades FAQ

SnapGrades FAQ

Getting help with SnapGrades

If you need help using and understanding how SnapGrades works please take some time to view the video tutorials on their website.  The help section can always be found in the bottom right corner of your SnapGrades grade book.

Snapgrades Training

How do I access SnapGrades?
Parent/Student Logins:
Students and parents do NOT need an e-mail to create an account with SnapGrades, although BHS students/parents are encouraged to enter their current email accounts. If not at BHS, just follow the log-in process and leave the e-mail field blank. 

Students and parents are actually logging into the same account.  They share user-names (ie: the student's Full Name or ID#) but have separate, independent passwords.

Starting a new year with an existing SnapGrades account

Resetting Student/Parent passwords 
Creating Multi-School gradebooks

How can I see what my students see? I am a teacher.