Reports 2013

East Kent Sept 28

posted 2 Oct 2013, 09:55 by Alex Phillips

Seven teams entered the East Kent Autumn Team Racing fixture held on Westbere lake near Canterbury on September 28th. Four of the teams (Sevenoaks A and B, King’s and Kent Schools SA) came from within the county. They were joined by Ardingly from neighbouring Sussex, the Royal Hospital School from Suffolk, another regular supporter of the event, and we were delighted to welcome Millfield who arrived bang on time having made the long journey from Somerset. Any one of the teams was capable of winning the event as the close score lines often showed, and all handed fireflies and 420s alike capably.

A continuous if at times blustery F4 wind (E) facilitated the completion of two round robins. Each team sailed the other six teams twice, one round in fireflies and the other in 420s. The 42 races, 12 per team, commenced at 11.20 and finished before 4.00pm. Light cloud gave way to sunshine and the afternoon stayed warm.

Royal Hospital School arrived early, evidently on a mission, and by the end of round one with 5 wins had taken the lead. King’s on 4 wins followed by Millfield and Sevenoaks B were the main challengers at the break. In round 2 Sevenoaks B continued their good run with a further four wins, Kent Schools doubled their win rate as their team racing technique improved, and the home team had the best of the round with King’s and RHS finishing the round robin on nine wins each. The final result was determined by the tie breaker races which were clear wins for Royal Hospital School. RHS impressed everyone by their sailing and as a team and were most worthy winners of the 2013 King’s Challenge cup.

The event was concluded by a helpful match de-brief given by chief umpire Mr Andy Cornah and with prize giving. My thanks to colleagues for their great assistance and congratulations to all competitors on a well contested and enjoyable day’s team racing.

Results: 1st Royal Hospital School, 2nd King’s Canterbury, 3rd Sevenoaks B, 4th Millfield, 5th Kent Schools SA, Sevenoaks A, Ardingly.

BSDRA Finals

posted 8 Sep 2013, 00:50 by Alex Phillips

The BSDRA Finals returned to West Kirby this year after many years at Bough Beech, and we were rewarded with two packed days of racing in good conditions. As Event Director and local Andy Cornah kept insisting, the sun always shines in West Kirby.

Thirteen British school teams were joined by Rutland Youth and a West Kirby junior side, as well as visitors Ransom Everglades, the latter coming all the way from Florida to compete at Itchenor the previous week and then, via Stone Henge, at West Kirby. An early start on Monday allowed the committee to fit in 96 races in the first stage – all teams having sailed 12 races already – before splitting into gold and silver leagues for Stage 2, and a further 20 or so races before finishing. The last teams off the water just had time to change before a superb BBQ in the promised West Kirby evening sun.

Tuesday brought showers and breeze, the race committee electing to go for cutdowns from the beginning of the day. The standard of boat handling remained high in tricky conditions, and the close ties from the end of the Stage 1 round-robin were reflected in closer racing on Tuesday morning. At the end of Stage 2 Winchester and Sevenoaks 2 made way for Rutland Youth and RGS Guildford, both teams then fighting their way up the gold league in Stage 3 to finish 5th and 6th respectively. Also notable in the gold league was the very composed West Kirby Junior team, capitalising on experience sailing in adult events at their home venue, and the Ipswich team who, relishing the breezy conditions, made the most of their boat speed to beat several strong sides. Visitors Ransom Everglades pulled out some bewitching boat-handling when it mattered along with consistent speed, and stuck in the top 4 throughout along with MCS 1 and 2 and Sevenoaks A. Tonbridge A recovered from a patch of bad form on Monday to storm to the top of the silver league in Stage 3, earning a one-race repecharge with Ransom Everglades for a spot in the semi-finals.

The Americans managed a 1,2 against Tonbridge A, leaving one semi-final between Sevenoaks A and MCS 2 with the other between Ransom Everglades and MCS 1. West Kirby delivered some extra wind and rain for excellent racing in both semis, with MCS 2 finding some extra luck to clinch it narrowly against Sevenoaks A 2-1, while MCS 1 came back from a loss in the first race to take theirs 2-1. In the subsequent petit-final Sevenoaks A beat Ransom Everglades 3-0, and in the final MCS 1 held MCS 2 to 3-0. 

Particular thanks go to Event Director Andy Cornah, results and scheduling maestro Keith Sammons, and course manager Richard Cornah who did a heroic job of keeping the beats and the run true in awkward, shifty conditions. Thank you, too, to those teachers, coaches and volunteers without whom the event could not happen at all – especially to Gonzalo Crivello, bringing a team all the way from the US – and also to West Kirby Sailing Club and Commodore David Taylor. Finally, thank you to the amazing West Kirby Kitchen for keeping us all fed. Final results are below:
















Sevenoaks 1




Ransom Everglades




Rutland Youth




RGS Guildford


Radley Quaich


Ipswich School




West Kirby Juniors





Tonbridge A


Fairfield Plate


Claire's Court A












Sevenoaks 2








Tonbridge B




Claire's Court B




Eastern 18 May

posted 19 May 2013, 12:59 by Alex Phillips   [ updated 21 May 2013, 01:38 ]

Rutland Sailing Club brought out the ‘big guns’ to provide a superb team of umpires for the BSDRA regional team racing championships on Saturday 18th May. Led by chief umpire Steve Tylecote, the race officials included several massive team racers to help the teachers who had brought school teams from across the region. 14 teams sailed 54 races in 3 flights with an extra 2 boats ready on the beach as (un-needed) ‘battle casualty replacements’.Ipswich, Oakham, Rutland Youth and Royal Hospital School reached the semi-finals. The best-of-three final was decided on the final beat of the last race: Ipswich rounded mark four in 2,3,4 but they failed to cover the boats in 5 & 6 who benefited from a shift and the race went to Oakham who thus took home the cup.
Final Results
1Oakham A
4Rutland Youth
7Oakham B


Midland 4 May

posted 19 May 2013, 12:54 by Alex Phillips

Report to follow

East Kent 27 April

posted 29 Apr 2013, 08:42 by Alex Phillips   [ updated 29 Apr 2013, 08:45 ]

Mostly bright sunshine and wind steady F3 strengthening F4 NE, ensured excellent sailing and racing throughout the day.   

Juniors: Topper team racing – 10 teams in a single round robin. Results: 1st Winchester 1; 2nd Sevenoaks 1; 3rd Winchester 2; 4th Merchant Taylors 2; 5th RGS Guildford; 6th Sevenoaks 2; 7th Haileybury; 8th Merchant Taylor’s 1; 9th King’s 1; 10th King’s 2.

Seniors: Fireflies/420s in two mini leagues of 7 teams, followed by semis and finals for gold, silver and bronze awards: 1st Sevenoaks 1 (Gold); 2nd Ipswich; 3rd=  Ardingly and  RGS Guildford (5 wins in each league and did not meet); 5th King’s 1 (Silver); 6th MCS Oxford; 7th= Kent Schools SA and Sevenoaks 2 (4 wins in each league and did not meet); 9th Wellington (Bronze), 10th Tonbridge, 11th King’s 2, 12th MCS 2; 13th Haileybury; 14th Merchant Taylors.

Left Property: (1) small canvas bag containing camera; (2) race watch; (3) one sailing boot.

Hoad Shield 20 April

posted 23 Apr 2013, 03:26 by Alex Phillips   [ updated 3 Jul 2013, 02:17 ]

Results from the Hoad Shield, 20 April 2013, report to follow.

Team Races Sailed Race Wins Total Points % wins Average points
RHS 8 8 58 100.00% 7.25 1
Tonbridge Black 8 7 65 87.50% 8.13 2
MCS 8 7 66 87.50% 8.25 3
RGS-Guildford 8 7 66 87.50% 8.25 4
Sevenoaks 1 8 6 65 75.00% 8.13 5
Winchester 8 6 79 75.00% 9.88 6
Ipswich 1 8 6 80 75.00% 10.00 7
Claires Court 8 5 77 62.50% 9.63 8
Norwich 1 8 4 78 50.00% 9.75 9
Sevenoaks 3 8 4 79 50.00% 9.88 10
Sevenoaks 2 8 4 81 50.00% 10.13 11
Kings 1 8 4 86 50.00% 10.75 12
Ardingly 8 3 83 37.50% 10.38 13
Eton 1 8 3 87 37.50% 10.88 14
Ipswich 2 8 3 95 37.50% 11.88 15
Norwich 2 8 2 88 25.00% 11.00 16
Wellington 8 2 101 25.00% 12.63 17
Kings 2 8 1 105 12.50% 13.13 18
MTS 8 1 108 12.50% 13.50 19
Tonbridge Red 8 1 110 12.50% 13.75 20
Eton 2 8 0 110 0.00% 13.75 21

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