Membership Meetings

 FEDERATION LOCAL 762    Paraprofessional Chapter AFL-CIO

Membership Meeting Minutes


December 19, 2011 at Lombardy Elementary School


Attendees:  Karen Kennedy (Carrcroft), Joanne McLaughlin (Carrcroft), Rich DiCristofaro (Concord), Marybeth McCreary (Forwood), Becky Tosun (Forwood), Sue Panchak (Bush), Nancy Bazela (Maple Lane), Jane Green (Lombardy) Andrea Savitch (Lombardy)



The meeting was called to order at 4:37 p.m.


1)  Negotiations

a)   Our present contract expires on June 30, 2012. If a new contract has not been negotiated prior to that date, the old contract will remain in effect.

b)   In January, the Union will send the District a “Letter of intent to negotiate”.

c)   Karen, Howard, & Laura will be going to Philly in January to meet with AFT resource personnel (Shelley Snyder, who is our rep) and Ted Kersh.  Shelley will be present during our negotiations with the district.

d)   We have lost many provisions from the contract over the years compared to previous versions; we’ll attempt to get some of those items back. 

e)   Surveys were sent to those who requested them.  Call Karen if there are any last minute additions.  Once negotiations start, we aren’t allowed to discuss details of the negotiations.

2)   Referendum – BSD will be holding an Operating Referendum in March 2012.

3)   Recalls – Only 3.5 people are left on the recall list (only one of them has a temporary contract.)  If you turn down a permanent position, you are removed from the recall list. 



The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Becky Tosun



Good Afternoon Everyone,
First please allow me this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the time spent with your families and friends.
I'm also writing to let you know that we have scheduled the General Membership Meeting for Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at 4:15pm.  The meeting will be held at Carrcroft Elementary School in the Computer Lab.  We hope to see you there :)
Again and as always, many thanks for your continued consideration and support.
Karen Kennedy, President
The Federation, Local 762

I am pleased to announce that a General Membership Meeting for The Federation, Local 762 is scheduled for Monday, March 22, 2010 at 4pm in the Art Room at Carrcroft Elementary School.  Prior to our meeting an agenda will be posted on our website.  Please RSVP whether you plan on attending or are not available so that we can plan accordingly.  In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Again and as always, much thanks for your consideration and support.
Karen Kennedy
Minutes of the Meeting are below.  For a printable version, click on the Word document attachment at the bottom of the page.

The Federation – Local 762  - Minutes

March 22, 2010  4:00 pm  Carrcroft Elementary School


Meeting called by:   Officers and Executive Board

Type of meeting:  General membership meeting

Facilitator:  Karen Kennedy, President

Note taker:  Laura Barnes, Secretary

Attendees:  Officers, Executive Board Members, and approximately 25 members


Agenda topics


The meeting was brought to order and the newly elected officers and board members were introduced. President Kennedy acknowledged Becky Tosun (lab facilitator and board member) for the creation of our very own BSDParaeducators web site.  This web site will enable all of us to keep up to date on information pertaining to us.  


Also acknowledged was Howard Payton (lab facilitator and board member) for serving as Chairperson of the budget committee.  Howard quickly got to the task at hand of preparing the budget.


New business

Attendance:  Karen suggested that all Para’s review their attendance record.  You can access this through the BSD web site, click on the link for STAFF, then under the online staff resources click the link for My Attendance.  You will need to have your Employee ID number, last 4 numbers of your social security, and enter your birth date.  Check to make sure that the absences listed coincide with your own records.  If there are any discrepancies you need to make sure and get it corrected.


Email:  We’re asking that all Para’s submit an alternate email address to us besides their BSD one.  If you have an alternate address, please email it to Laura Barnes.


State Training Stipend:  All Para’s are asked to check their “Fiscal Year 2010 Salary Information” Sheets.  You should have received this at the beginning of the school year.  It is a breakdown of your step/salary information.  One of the items listed is the State Training Stipend.  Look to see if the stipend amount is $662 or a lesser amount.  Karen Kennedy and our AFT representative Mike Siegel are currently working to get this resolved.  Please check our web site for updates on this.  If you are unable to locate the Salary Information Sheet, contact Donna Smallwood at Payroll for a copy.


Building Reps: If your building does not currently have a union representative and you would like to volunteer to do so, please contact Karen. 



We will be making changes to The Federation’s Constitution.  The current Constitution is not dated, we will be making an amendment to provide a date.  Another amendment that is proposed it to change the terms of office to 4 years instead of the current 5.  The reason for this is to have the years for term of office to align with the National AFT, our parent union.


Operating Budget

Howard Payton (Treasurer) at the meeting gave an operating budget presentation.  Copies of our operating budget have been distributed to the building representatives in each school.  If your building does not have a representative, please contact us to receive a copy.



As many of you know, we still have not negotiated our salary increase for the 2009-2010 school year.  Although our contract stipulates that negotiations should commence by March 1, 2009, an agreement had been reached between the previous Officers of the Board of The Federation and the District Team due to the economic climate at that time.  Prior to The Federation’s new Board taking office on February 1st, a negotiation meeting was held on January 28th with the previous board.  (An invitation was extended and accepted by newly elected President, Karen Kennedy to attend the meeting) This meeting was on the same day that Governor Markell was presenting his budget address for the State of Delaware.  It was mutually agreed that negotiations be postponed due to BSD’s Chief Financial Officer, David Blowman, needing to leave and attend the budget meeting in Dover, as well as the results of said budget address.  We are currently waiting for dates for negotiations to resume.  Further negotiations will commence with our AFT Chief Negotiator Mike Siegel, and the new members of the negotiating team: Karen Kennedy, Marianne Watson Pedrys, Laura Barnes, Rich Di Cristofaro, and Christine Reeder. 


Information regarding $662 State Training Stipend please see above under “New Business”


Our representatives for AFT (American Federation of Teachers) are Mark Bostic, Northeast Regional Manager and Mike Siegel, Chief Negotiator for our contract.  We suggest that all Para’s sign up for AFT membership services; you should have received a card in the mail at your home address.  If you have not received your membership card please go to the AFT web site and register.  There is a wealth of information and resources provided to us by AFT.  The address is:   



We are in the process of organizing different committees within the union to better serve the membership.  This year committee members will receive a $25 per meeting stipend for their participation.  Committee’s may include but are not limited to Finance, Grievance, and Negotiation.  Committee members will be determined based on interest and seniority roster position.  Please contact Marianne Watson Pedrys the Committee Chairperson if interested in serving.



Laura Barnes,
Apr 18, 2010, 2:24 PM