Constitution & Bylaws

These are the current Constitution and Bylaws.  The Constitution Committee is preparing to revise and update these documents. 
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 Local 762




            The name of this organization shall be The Federation, Local 762, DFT/AFT/AFL-CIO.




            This organization shall be affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, the Delaware Federation of Teachers, the Delaware State Labor Council, and the AFL/CIO.




            The objectives of The Federation, Local 762, DFT/AFT/AFL-CIO, shall be:


  1. To develop in school and community a devotion to a democracy and to education as the foundation of democracy. 
  2. To promote full and equal educational opportunities for all. 
  3. To keep the public schools free of political, religious, economic or other domination. 
  4. To advance the economic security and professional interests of paraprofessionals and other school employees, and to secure their active participation in the formulation and administration of school policies. 
  5. To work actively with organized labor and all other citizens groups who seek to advance the interests of education. 
  6. To promote and protect the rights of paraprofessionals and other school employees. 
  7. To promote an awareness in paraprofessionals and other school employees of their political and civic responsibilities. 
  8. To support the principles of the labor movement. 
  9. To act as representative of the paraprofessionals and other school employees in matters affecting public schools. 
  10. To represent equally paraprofessionals and other employees without regard to membership or participation in, or association with the activities of, any employees’ organization. 
  11. To represent the paraprofessionals, and other eligible groups of the Brandywine School District in collective bargaining.





Section 1.  Membership in this organization shall be open to all paraprofessionals, and any other eligible group who are employees of the Brandywine School District.


Section 2.  This organization may not admit to membership any public school administrative personnel having the duty of rating, hiring, promoting, or firing paraprofessionals and other school employees.


Section 3.  No discrimination shall ever be shown toward any individual because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, or marital status.



Section 1.


1.      The Paraprofessional electoral group shall consist of all persons regularly appointed to paraprofessional positions. 

2.      “Any other eligible group” shall consist of any group deemed eligible by the Executive Board.


Section 2.


      Officers, Executive Board members, and officers of the Paraprofessionals, and other eligible groups, shall be elected by secret ballot election.  All electoral groups will vote for all officers and shall vote for Executive Board members who represent their electoral group.

Section 3.

a.       Nominations for each officer and Executive Board shall be submitted to the President and Executive Board. 

b.      All candidates for the office must be posted fifteen (15) days in advance of the election. 

c.       Nominees who are not in good standing shall be immediately notified that their nominations are void and that their names will not appear on the ballot. 

d.      In the case of no nominations for office, the President and executive board shall select a candidate for the office.


Section 4.

      The order of the names of the candidates on the ballot shall be determined by lot after a drawing by the candidates or their representatives under the supervision of the Executive Board.


Section 5.


a.       The Executive Board shall secure the election results and tabulated ballots. 

b.      Each candidate shall receive an accounting of the votes for his/her office as soon as the results are known. 

c.       All marked ballots shall be kept for a period of one year after an election at which time they will be destroyed. 

d.      The Federation shall keep a permanent record of the vote for each office.  These records will be available for perusal by the membership. 

e.       Any member whose ballot is challenged may appeal to the Executive Board. 

f.       At least one impartial non-member must be present during election and tabulation of votes.  Candidates may be present during the tabulation of votes.  

g.      The President and Executive Board shall select the number and sites of the polling places.

Section 6.

a.       In all contests where there is more than one candidate, those candidates receiving a majority of the votes shall be declared elected.


Section 7.  New officers and Executive Board members will assume their duties January 31.


Section 8.  A vacancy occurring in the Executive Board in an elected office shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election at which time the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the manner set forth in this constitution.  If there are no candidates then the current Executive Board members shall continue in office until a candidate can be placed.




Section 1.  The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Section 2.  Each of the above officers shall be elected for a term not to exceed five (5) years.


Section 3.


a.       The President’s duties shall be as follows:


1.      To act as chairperson or to designate a chairperson for all special and general membership meetings. 

2.      To act as chairperson or to designate a chairperson for sessions of the Executive Board. 

3.      To appoint the chairperson and all the members of committees. 

4.      To be ex-officio member of all standing and special committees. 

5.      To be co-signer on any legally or financially binding of The Federation. 

6.      To chair any negotiating committee. 

7.      To be responsible for the preparation of the annual operating budget. 

8.      The President shall be the ranking delegate to the annual AFT Convention.


b.      The duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:


1.      The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of that officer. 

2.      To serve on the Executive Board. 

3.      To serve on the negotiating committee.


c.       The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:


1.      To be responsible for maintaining and safe-keeping all financial records of The Federation, Local 762, DFT/AFT/AFL-CIO.  

2.      To be co-signer, with the President, on any financially binding document of The Federation. 

3.      To cause to be made, at least one at the close of the fiscal year, an audit of the financial transactions and records of  The Federation. 

4.      To receive, and cause to be deposited, all monies of The Federation in a federally funded bank. 

5.      To assist the President in the preparation of the annual operating budget. 

6.      To serve on the Executive Board. 

7.      The Treasurer shall be bonded for the amount of $100,000.


d.      The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:


1.      To keep an accurate record of all general and special membership meetings. 

2.      To keep an accurate record of all Executive Board meetings. 

3.      To keep an accurate record of all negotiations. 

4.      To serve on the Executive Board.




Section 1.


      The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers of The Federation, Local 762, DFT/AFT/AFL-CIO, and at least one member in good standing.


Section 2.


      The Executive Board shall administer the affairs of the organization under the terms of the Constitution and subject to the will of the membership.


Section 3.


      The term of office for members of the Executive Board shall be no more than five 5) years.




Section 1.  Each committee shall consist of a chairperson and an odd number of members, appointed by the President.  All committees shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Board.  The President shall be a member of all committees.


Section 2.  Special committees shall be appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.


Section 3.  Any eligible chapter may elect the following officers: Chapter Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, following the procedures outlined under Article V of The Federation, Local 762, DFT/AFT/AFL-CIO Constitution.




Section 1.  The Executive Board shall hold monthly meetings.   The President may call additional meetings of the Executive Board.


Section 2.  There shall be at least two general membership meetings of this organization a year.  The time and place shall be determined by the President.


Section 3.  A special general membership meeting of this organization shall be called by the President upon the written request of 5 percent of the members.



      The fiscal year shall begin January 1.




      The By-Laws and Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at a general meeting, provided that the notice of the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing at the last previous meeting of the Executive Committee and shall have been publicized at least two (2) weeks before the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.







Section 1.


      Annual dues for each membership chapter will be set and adjusted by the President and Treasurer.


Section 2.


      a. Per-Capita Payments


                  1. Per-capita payments will be adjusted annually in accordance with Article IV, Section 5 of the AFT Constitution which reads:

                               “Effective September 1, 1984 and thereafter, each local shall increase the local dues to equal any increase in per-capita payments that are required to be made to the American Federation of teachers and any increase to either the state federation or the regional council with which the local is affiliated.

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