Troop Advancement
To help assist Troop 25 in keeping records, the troop uses "E Trail to Eagle" secure database to help simplify our advancement tracking. Not only does this allow use to track advancement and awards for the boys, but it also allows us to track troop events, as well as, positions of resposibility and coordinate each to the Scout. Also, parents are linked to each of there son and can individually login to check where they son on his scouting trail. If you are a leader and want to help do tracking on the go, for a small fee you can download the Iphone app or Android app.
In Boy Scouts there are seven ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. In the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Handbook, there are requirements that help you in acheiving the next rank. Each boy accomplishes these requirements at a different pace, and that is completely acceptable. The only time constraint you have in Boy Scouts is you must have your Eagle Application completed, fullied and turned in by the Scouts 18th Birthday.
Even though this Troop uses a database program, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that Scouts don't lose their BSA Handbook, Ranks Cards and Merit Badge Cards. This is the Scouts record of accomplishment in their youth scouting and is crucial to have during their trail to Eagle.              Scout     Tenderfoot   2nd Class   1st Class       Alt. Requirements          Star             Life          Eagle