After the Eagle Board of Review

CONGRATULATIONS!! If you're here as a parent, we're assuming you have a young man that has complete
d the requireme
nts for the highest advancement in Boy Scouts, the Eagle Award or will be shortly. It's could also be that you're in the process of planning an Eagle Court of Honor for your son. For most parents, you will go though this effort once in your life, if your lucky to do this multiple times, even better. Like most parents, you're just wondering where to begin, what types of things do I provide, what to I do, etc....
This Parent's Guide (download here) helps on things to do after your sons Eagle Board of Review.
As for the Ceremony themselves, there are many to choose from. Click Here to see the complied list, definitly not all available. These can be combined, interchanged or modifed as you see fit to make the ceremony special for the Eagle Scout.
For you new Eagle Scouts, it's highly recommended that you join the National Eagle Scout Association to take advantage of the benifits they have to offer. If your nearing the end of you High School career and are heading to College, don't forget about the scholarship programs offer to Eagle Scouts and Scouts: