The University of Tokyo Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA-UT)


This is an organization of Bangladeshi students and researchers in the University of Tokyo, Japan.


About us

 BSA-UT is a community of Bangladeshi students and researchers belonging to the University of Tokyo, founded in November 2007. We wish to collaborate among our members in academic, cultural and social aspects. We also aim to exchange communication with Japanese students and other forign students as well. 

Aims & objectives

 1. To promote friendship, co-operation and mutual understanding among the fellow members of the Association.

2. To promote exchange of scientific, technological and cultural activities between Japan and Bangladesh, and thus strengthen
the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

3. To provide counseling and share experiences with the Bangladeshi students who are currently studying or preparing to study in Japan.
4. To collaborate with recruiting agencies to help the current students in their job hunting process.

5. To take part in different welfare activities for the national and the international communities in case of natural disasters or some emergencies that require immediate humanitarian responses in Bangladesh or in Japan.

6. To maintain relationship with other Bangladeshi or Non-Bangladeshi organizations that serve the interest of Bangladesh, and offer possible support in their activities.