Youth Protection Training/PA Child Protective Services Law

Some of you may have heard about the changes in documentation required by the State of PA for all adults in direct contact with youth under the age of 18. This includes Registered Adults, Merit Badge Counselors, and adults who may camp with the Troop, or drive Scouts to outings.


If you already have some of the required documentation for other agencies,  they can also be submitted to the BSA.


The Troop will be keeping a copy of these forms as well. Please submit a copy to me, along with a copy of your current Youth Protection Form. These will be kept in a file at FHPC. These clearances must be renewed / re-submitted every FIVE years. Youth Protection must be renewed bi-annually.


I am here to help you with this process, or to answer any questions. I am at most meetings, or can be reached via email. I can assist you in uploading your forms, using the PDF converter, or give you direction in completing the forms. I have a Wi-Fi hotspot that I can use with your laptop during the meetings, so we can go online to complete the process. I suggest using the Cute PDF as your converter, as I am familiar with that product.



Following is information from the Laurel Highlands Council regarding the new PA Law



The PA Child Protective Services Law changed effective January 1, 2015.  This change requires the BSA to conduct background checks through provider designated by PA per the requirements of the law.  The BSA will continue to use its background checking system, in addition to the checks required for PA.

All individuals must upload the required documents into the LHC BSA Online Risk Management System  (link to upload forms and additional info at the bottom of the page).


It is recommended that you install a pdf converter to allow you to print the reports, so you may upload them to the LHC BSA Online Risk Management System.  Free .pdf converters are available from CutePDF  and Primopdf



Who Is Required to Comply with the New PA Law?

In order to assist you with who is required to comply with the new PA law, Laurel Highlands Council has created a FAQ.  Please note that the requirements of compliance are considerably broader than just those who would traditionally be considered a BSA volunteer.  Accordingly, we strongly urge you to review the FAQ.


Timeline to provide the clearance forms.

  • All current volunteers, except for those listed above, must be in compliance before re-chartering in December 2015.


    Volunteers must provide the following:

  • State Police Criminal Record CheckPA

  • Child Abuse History Clearance

  • If PA resident for at least 10 continuous years: a completed Laurel Highlands Council Pennsylvania Resident Volunteer Verification Form.

    If PA resident for less than 10 continuous years and/or a resident of anywhere other than PA: FBI Criminal Background Check 


    How To Obtain Your Background Checks

    PA State Police Report:

        PA State Police Criminal Record Checks cost are no charge and can be obtained online by visiting the State Police web site - Click Here

        This clearance will display on your computer screen.  Be sure to print this report to a .pdf or print and scan the form so you submit it to the council digitally. Free .pdf converters are available for download from the web.  


    Child Abuse History Report:

        PA Child Abuse History Clearances may be made online - Click Here .  This is available at no charge.


    FBI Criminal Background Check:

        To request an FBI Fingerprint Clearance (approximate cost $27.50): Click Here.    Please note: This link will take you to the page managed by Cogent for the state of PA to help individuals attain an FBI clearance.  Please select the Department of Human Services link as your option.


  • If you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for more than 10 years, you do not need to submit to the FBI Criminal Background check. you can fill out the following form instead.

  • Laurel Highlands Council Pennsylvania Resident Volunteer Verification Form (PDF): Click Here


    How To Receive Approval

    LHC BSA volunteers must upload copies of your required documents to the LHC BSA Online Risk Management System .  In order to ensure that your files are properly received and recorded, please secure all your documentation before visiting this link and upload your files at the same time.



Following are links to complete noted training/forms. Youth Protection must be renewed every two years, all others every FIVE years.
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