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Summer Camp Readiness

posted May 27, 2019, 5:30 AM by BSA Troop 90 Forest Hills, PA
Many of the merit badges require the completion of prerequisites so please be sure you are aware of what they are and complete them. If you would like a list and schedule of the merit badges your Scout is signed up for, then please let me know.

Any Scouts (or adults) with a food allergy must alert me by June 4 so that I can inform the camp and start making proper accommodations. I will be asking you to complete and submit an online form to Laurel Highlands Council so that they are fully aware of your son's needs.

To get familiar with Heritage Reservation and what you need to get ready, I encourage you to visit the Troop website under Summer Camp 2019. There you will find:
  • Summer camp checklist (what to bring/not bring)
  • Heritage Reservation Guidebook (everything you want to know about camp)
  • Directions if you've never been
  • BSA Health/Medical form (Parts A-C)
  • LHC Supplemental Form

Tuesday, June 25 is a VERY important date! All Scouts and adults going to summer camp must submit to Mr. Seeman:
  • BSA Health and Medical Form (Parts A-B-C). Remember that Part C requires a physical examination by your doctor. (Adults: you only need Part C if you'll be staying in camp 72+ hours.)
  • LHC Supplemental Medical Form for both Scouts and adults.
  • BSA Youth Protection Training certificate (adults only)
  • PA Clearance (3) documents (adults only)
  • Copy of your insurance card (front and back) for both Scouts and adults.

A word on these forms...

Summer Camp Medical Forms


All Scouts and adults (even if you are staying at camp only part of the week) attending summer camp must submit a current and complete BSA medical form to Heritage. The medical form consists of parts A, B, and C.  In addition Heritage Reservation requires a supplemental form indicating what medications and over the counter medications may be administered.  The BSA medical forms and the supplemental form are available on the troop website


Some important reminders about the medical forms:

     Part A:  the signature of the Scout and the parent are required or just the adult if it is their own form

     Part B:  include dates for vaccinations (give approximate dates if necessary)

     Part C:   the physical exam must be signed and dated by the person giving the exam - the exam must be dated after July 15, 2018

    Please also Attach a copy of the front and back of the scout's or family's medical insurance card(s).


We cannot take a Scout to camp if any of the medical forms are missing or incomplete.  The staff at Heritage will not permit the Scout to stay at camp if any medical forms are missing or incomplete.  Again please turn in all medical forms by June 25 to Mr. Seeman.  If you will be unable to submit the forms by this date, please let me know when you will be able to give us the completed forms.

The Troop is staying in Camp Liberty in campsites Fort Moultrie and Plymouth; just list one site when you complete the LHC Supplemental Form since we do not know exactly which site each Scout will be in at this date.

Summer Camp Setup Crew

Scouts and adults are needed to go to Heritage Reservation a day early on Saturday, July 6th to help set-up for summer camp. Only Scouts 1st class and above are eligible. If you are interested in helping, then please sign-up here: PLEASE NOTE: Mrs. Brucker has final say on which Scouts go. This list is simply a way for Scouts to show their interest.

Swim Test

We will be conducting swim tests in advance of going to summer camp to help with the check-in process. We will conduct them at the Forest Hills Pool on Tuesday, June 11 from 5:30 - 7:15 PM. Scouts are not required to pay to get into the pool; tell the person at the gate that they are there to take a swim test for Boy Scouts. Please see this link for information about the test and what is required to pass it:


Summer Camp Drivers

We need parents to sign-up to drive 45 Scouts to Summer Camp on Sunday, July 7th as well as parents to drive these Scouts home from Summer Camp on Saturday, July 13th.  Please sign-up on the via the sign-up sheet here:$KVwLjrHc.

We will meet in the parking lot of the Woodland Hills High School at 9AM on Sunday, July 7 as our departure point and time. We do NOT meet at FHPC.

Please let me know if you have any questions as we prepare to go to camp SIX weeks from today!