BSA Troop 810, Maryland

Proudly serving the young men of Harford County, Maryland. Every day we strive to live by the Scout Law.

Troop 810 meets most Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm at its Sponsor, St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church, 1450 Abingdon Road, Abingdon, MD 21009

Troop 810's scouting program fully supports the long established BSA traditions of:

Outdoor * Focus * Scout Leadership * Patrol Method * 
Character Development * Advancement * Above all, Fun
We strive to be one of the most active troops in the area. Our trips and meetings have very high participation rates due to the enthusiasm of our Scouts, the activities provided, and our strong parental support. We are a high-energy outfit, with something always going on, whether its a camping trip, daytrip, service project, Troop meeting, or special event. We ask a lot from our Scouts in terms of commitment to the program, knowing that the effort they put forth is returned many times over in opportunities for personal growth.

Catering to the advancement needs, abilities and interests of young men between the ages of 11 and 17, our Troop has adopted an activity-based approach where scouts of similar age, abilities and interests have the opportunity to join with their peers in pursuing challenges at various levels.

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Troop 810 is dedicated to making the first year in Boy Scouts a great experience for our newest recruits. Our BaseCamp! program is specifically designed to help our newest scouts learn basic outdoor skills, meet advancement requirements, and have a fun and successful transition into our full scouting program. BaseCamp! meets for 45 minutes during most Troop meetings and also on camping trips. Our BaseCamp! Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Guides run this program year-round. Upon reaching First Class Rank (usually one year), Scouts 'graduate' out of BaseCamp! as solid Scouts that can handle virtually any challenge.