In order for the Troop to put on the best program possible for our scouts, we need to have as many of our youth and adult leaders as possible trained in the proper way to put on a Scout program.  Because we believe in the value of scouting training, the Troop has agreed to pay for the costs of these trainings for those who are willing to attend and then share the benefits with the group (funds availability).

Youth Training (Boys aged 13-17)
National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) is the training program for boys wishing to learn more about leadership and for those looking to move into leadership roles in our Troop.  If you will be at least 13 years old and at least First-Class and want to participate in NYLT,  please give your name to the Scoutmaster before the end of the year.  Registration fills up quickly (in the past, the council has had more that 40 boys' names on the waiting list for this training), so we want to get our boys' names in early.  The troop plans to pay to send (2) boys per year to this training.

NYLT 2009

Are you current?  See the file below.  
There are multiple types of training for adult leaders.  Many of the basic courses are offered online.  Here you can learn the basics of the program and many details specific to your position in the troop. What we need for camp outs.  
- YPT (Youth Protection Training) completed by all adults - available online, see
At least one adult for the following:
- Hazardous Weather required for all tours - available online, see
- Swimming: Safe Swim Defense and First Aid required
- Boating: Safety Afloat, First Aid and CPR/AED required
- Climbing: Climb on Safely, First Aid and CPR/AED required
- Shooting: NRA Instructor and Range Officers
- High Adventure: Wilderness First Aid and CPR (2 adults required)
Step 1 | This is Scouting
An online workshop that gives you a little history and overview of Scouting as an organization and its structure.

Step 2 | Fast Start
Pick the Fast Start that is right for you (Scoutmaster, or Troop Committee). This will give you the info you need to get through your first couple of  meetings. Online at or

Step 3 | Youth Protection
This is the BSA’s child Abuse recognition and prevention training for all adult volunteers. Learn to recognize the signs of abuse, how to respond when you learn a child is being abused and how to ensure that abuse does not take place at Scout meetings and activities.
MANDATORY for all Scouting volunteers . 

Online at or 


Step 4 | Job Specific Training
For Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmaster this one day workshop covers the Boy Scout basics including advancement, the patrol method, planning meetings, campouts and how to work Scouts and parents. Troop committee members can take the online Troop Committee challenge (about 45 minutes to complete) or can attend a group session on Troop Committee challenge (about 2 hours).  View course

Step 5 | Outdoor Training
Learn the basics of Boy Scout camping, knots and lashings, fire-building, ax, knife and saw safety, map and compass, campfire and camp stove cooking. This overnight hands on workshop is a must for everyone who takes Scouts camping. Courses begin on Friday evenings and conclude on Saturday evenings.

After you have completed the online training, save your certificate in a pdf file and forward it and completion dates to M. Smith or the Scoutmaster, so that we can keep track for our records.  There are also several other types of adult training available, and once again, the Troop will pay for these (subject to funds availability) if you are willing to give your time and talent to the group.

University of Scouting (a one-day training usually held on a Saturday in January).
Wildnerness First Aid & CPR (one-weekend, required for trips to high-adventure bases)
Outdoor Leader's Training (a one-weekend course to learn all the outdoor methods of scouting).
Woodbadge (a two-weekend course designed to complete the training of an adult leader in the ways of scouting.)

MORE TRAINING can be found at this web link:    Lincoln Heritage Training  and myscouting or

If you have questions about these courses and what is right for you, please contact our Scoutmaster or check out the Lincoln Heritage website for scheduled times for these courses.

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Jun 7, 2018, 4:29 PM