Congratulations, you are almost there. If you follow the directions of your leaders and the guides/files that are provided below, this process will be easy, if not, you will encounter obstacles and delays.  Make your Project Coach aware of this page and the guides below.  Be Prepared!

Conduct your Eagle project according to National and District Scouting requirements.  You and your parents should read over the information in the workbook, Eagle application and the guide we have provided to you.  Understand the process, don't fight it, it is the way it is.  Most of your questions will  be answered after you have visited the following web sites below.   
Please don't ask us questions until you have read the workbook and the Eagle Advancement Guide file below.  It's a must read/follow document.

Dan Boone District Advancement Chair: Jason Ferris   jason.l.ferris@gmail.com or cell phone at (502) 377-1817  (send him project proposals and requests for a EBOR) ONLY AFTER you coordinate with Troop Leadership.  Follow and use the workbook and Eagle Advancement Guide (files below).                 

Eagle Process:
Start at the bottom of this page and print out that Eagle Advancement Guide, then work on the
Eagle Scout Rank Application:

See the attached file at the bottom of this page

Sample Scholarship Opportunies for Eagle Scouts:
Troop 477 Eagle Scouts
2018    J. Culbertson
2018    L. Busch
2017    L. Plescia  
2017    D. O'Neil 
2017     J. Federico
2017    C. Kemper  
2017    C. Busch 
2016    T. Knepshield   
2015    C. Smith (Triple Crown, Silver Palm)
2015    C. Davis (Triple Crown)
2014    O. Hirn
2014    D. Stephens
2014    R. Hummel
2014    H. DeLozier (Bronze Palm)
2014    S. Noffke
2013    C. Smith
2013    S. Link    
2012    J. Mann
2012    Z. Garlitz
2012    H. DeLozier
2011    R. Grijalba
2011    J. Smith
2010    T. O'Neil
2010    T. Mann
2010    M. Murphy
2010    A. Garlitz
2009    G. DePaull
2008    P. Nicaise
2007    C. Nicaise
2006    K. Taylor
2004    M. Funke
2004    S. Sauerbeck
2001    B. Huber
2001    C. Gates
2001    C. Ubben
2001    K. Wiesemann
2000    P. Johnson
1998    R. Hitt
1996    J. Baker
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Print and fill it in. Scan and email it with your verified application, requirements 5 and 7 to District Eagle Chairman. Make sure you write something in the body of your email.  14k v. 2 Jan 8, 2017, 9:52 AM M Smith