Joining Troop 419


1. Complete Boy Scout Youth Application –

Available at:

2. Complete Scout Personal Data Information Form –

Allows further contact information for our Troop Records

Please make sure we have an accurate e-mail address

Available at:

3. Complete Part “A” & “B” of the Health Form –

Required for outings – Health history & Parent’s consent

Available at:

Part “C” of the Health Form MUST be completed to attend Summer Camp

Available at:

4. Pay deposit due for Summer Camp 2014 -

Dates: 7/6/2014 – 7/12/2014

5. Pay prorated dues. Annual Troop dues are $75 per Scout due in December; this is prorated based on the month you join.

6. Sign up for any of our camp outs at Troop Meetings or via the web:

Check the website:

7. Scout Uniform – Details on the Troop’s Website

A neckerchief & neckerchief slide will be provided by the Troop

8. Start Reading Your Boy Scout Handbook

Please, write your name on the edge of the pages. A book cover is also highly recommended.

9. Go to the following site for further information:

Check the Troop’s website frequently for updates