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posted Sep 22, 2018, 8:54 AM by venkata subbarao valluru   [ updated Sep 22, 2018, 9:07 AM ]

WHEN:  Setup on Friday, September 28th, at 7:30pm with the sale beginning at 8:00am on Saturday, September 29th.  The sale will end at 3:00pm.

 WHERE:  Dr. Ryan Beeleman’s dental office located at 308 Harwood Rd., Bedford.  His office is located directly across from Autozone.

Why:  This is a combination of educational, social and revenue producing experiences.

WHAT SELLS:  Clothing, toys, tools, bikes and virtually anything else that’s in good to excellent condition.

WHAT DOESN’T SELL:  Computers unless they’re almost new and anything else that is in poor condition and furniture.

NEEDS:  Stuff to sell and people to sell it.

               Caterer’s tables and clothes racks.

               Volunteers who own powerful pickups to move the Troop trailer loaded with our

               Garage sale apparatus including our own tables, clothes racks and hangers to and

               from the scout yard.

               Artistic individuals with neat handwriting (leaves me out) who can work on posters.                       

Friday, September 28th

        7:30pm-12:00am.                Setup Crew

Saturday, September 29th

        12:00am-7:00am                  Fearsome Nighthawks

        7:00am-10:00am                  Sales and Service                   

        10:00am-1:00pm                  Sales and Service

      1:00pm-4:00pm                    Sales and Service/Takedown Crew