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Preparation FSB

The countdown to June 20 has begun!  A Scout should be in top condition, both mentally and physically, to make the most of his Sea Base experience.

Sea Base Prep

What do I need to do to prepare?

Epic adventures begin with preparation. Long before arriving at Sea Base you and your unit should begin to physically, mentally and logistically prepare for your adventure.

In addition to Sea Base Requirements and Recommendations units should consult the Guide to Safe Scouting, BSA Safe Swim, BSA Safety Afloat, BSA Tour Plan, BSA Tours and Expeditions, BSA Fieldbook, Troop Committee Guidebook, Scuba BSA.

Crew Physical and Program Specific Training

Physical Training - Sea Base Adventures are aquatics based and require participants to be competent swimmers weighing less than 295 pounds. It is recommended that your unit, in consultation with physicians and local council BSA Aquatics Director or a qualified aquatics professional, develops a crew training regimen. This regimen should include frequent pool training sessions, basic snorkeling instruction and the BSA Swim Test which is required. 


Out Island & Keys Adventure Program Specific Training- Crews participating in Out Island or Keys Adventure should 1) Go camping- preferably in aquatic settings 2) Become proficient at water paddlers 3) Learn basic fishing skills including knots 4) Learn and review Leave No Trace Principals 5) Seek local instruction regarding the use of VHF marine radios, safety airs, man overboard procedures and drill potential emergency situations 6) Watch Out Island and Keys Adventure packing video 7) Watch A Reef Etiquette Video produced by NOAA

What can I do to train? 

Here are some things to do to train on your own.  Speed is not as important as consistency.  Plan to exercise 30 to 60 minutes three to five times a week.

  • Swimming
  • Upper-body and core strengthening exercises (ex: rowing, yoga, planks)
  • Arm strengthening exercises (ex: pull-ups, push-ups, weight training)

Start slowly and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your exercises. Start a journal to record your progress.

Earning the Swimming and Fishing merit badges is one goal to help us get prepared.  We may also work toward earning the BSA Snorkeling Award and the Canoeing merit badge.

Swimming MB

Specifics still to come. . . but begin getting your body in shape today!