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Advancement / Awards

Advancements and Merit Badges are not a race!  But, it should be at a pace where the Scout continues to learn and grow each day as a Boy Scout.  While each Scout will earn advancements and merit badges at their own pace, new Scouts can normally expect to earn their First Class rank in their first 12-18 months.   Afterwards, the following ranks, normally referred to as Path to Eagle, is a matter of service projects, merit badges and leadership roles.   In order to complete a rank advancement, the Scout will need to participate in a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.  What is most important is that the Scout learns, is tested, is reviewed and is recognized.  

First, the Scout learns. Much of his learning comes from other boys in his patrol or troop and by active participation in troop program. His patrol activities are directed toward the skills he needs. Every troop hike, camping trip, or other activity offers potential learning experiences. A Scout learns to pitch a tent by pitching one, completes the requirements of the merit badge, to use a compass by finding directions, and to cook a meal by having to prepare and eat it.

Second, the Scout is tested. The specific requirements determine the kind of testing. Verbal testing is sufficient in some instances. In other instances, a Scout must demonstrate his skills by doing.

Third, the Scout is reviewed. The purpose of the review is to ensure that all requirements for advancement have been met. This includes a check of the Scout's attitude and practice of the ideals of Scouting, in addition to his Scoutcraft skills. The decision regarding whether a Scout has met the required standards to qualify for rank advancement begins with the troop and, for the Eagle Scout rank, is approved by the district, local council, and finally, the National Council.

Fourth, the Scout is recognized. The final step in advancement involves presentation of the badge, usually at a Court of Honor, before the entire Troop and Parents.  The Court of Honor is held every 3 months.  However, the scout is recognized as having achieved the merit badge on the day the counselor agrees and signs his application; or for advancements, the date that the Scout completes his Board of Review.  In order to advance, the Scout must have completed a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.