2012-06 Court of Honor

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On March 18 the Hiking patrol went to Barbra Key Park for their first hiking merit badge training session. They learned about many different aspects of hiking including types of hikes and hiking gear.

On May 1 the Hiking patrol went on their first hike. It was a 5 mile trek to Glacier Park and a 5ish mile trek around Glacier Park. They started hiking around 10:30 and finished at about 3:30. After becoming slightly disoriented the troop had to add on to the end of their hike to make 10 miles.

From April 14 to April 15 several of the boys went on The Crossover Campout at the Burnidge Forest Preserve.  The new scouts also earned their totem chip and their fireman chit. 

On May 5 the Hiking Patrol went on their third and final hike as a patrol. They hiked on the Prairie Trail for 20 miles and the most common description of the hike was “long”. 

On May 21 some members of the troop went to the Schweitzer Woods Forest Preserve to plant pot-grown and bare-root oak trees.

On May 22 the Hiking patrol went on their second hike in Chicago. They hiked along the coast of Lake Michigan to Lincoln Park and back. After missing the 2:30 train ride home they went to go see The Bean and Millennium Park. They arrived at the train station around 3:30 and had hiked more than 13 miles. Most of the hikers agreed that this trip was more difficult than the last due to all the wind.

From April 27 to the May 29 the troop went to The US Grant Pilgrimage. The troop camped at Canyon camp on one of the new sites, which made police lining was easier. 

From May 18 to May 20 the troop went on a Canoe Trip at Buffalo Park.

On May 28 the Troop participated in the Memorial Day Parade. After the parade the troop meet at Angel Park for a picnic and some games.

2012-03 Court of Honor

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In January, 14 scouts and some crew members participated in the Klondike Derby. The night before Klondike it snowed so the patrols did not have to pull the sled through grass and mud. We did not win any events but 2 patrols did very well.

Over 3 weekends in January and February, 15 scouts participated in MBOD. Mr. Abendroth taught Citizenship in the World Merit Badge. He was able to call someone in Finland to go along with this Merit Badge which was awesome. Mr. Haughey helped with the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.

In February, 20 scouts and 7 adults slept in the crew’s quarters on the USS Cobia. They had pizza and then had a tour of the sub. They got to go through exercises to see what the crew does to shoot a torpedo. They also learned about how a submarine is submerged and raised as well as how to steer the sub. They also learned the signals and codes used by the crew. A few of the adults were able to explore the lower levels of the sub. The scouts were amazed by the knot wall and two frames made out of rope. Our troop bought out the gift shop’s torpedo juice and then headed home.

In February we held elections for OA and the results will be announced at summer camp. The troop also elected a new SPL – Andrew Glover.

In March, 20 scouts and 9 adults and several other helpers participated in Scouting For Food. We collected over 1200 items that were brought to the FISH pantry. Thank you to Connor, Pat, James , Jonathan and several adults for helping sort the items and stocking the shelves. On the first weekend, the police were called on us because of a complaint from someone. When the office came he just let us go on without a second thought when he realized what we were doing.

We had a lot of fun the last couple of months.

Coming Soon!

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Look for troop history as a future addition to our website.

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