Merit Badge University 2012

Troop 357 will again be hosting Merit Badge University on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 at Highland United Methodist Church. We are very excited to be putting this together again and look forward to your troop’s participation!MBU is Saturday, February 25. 

Members of Troop 357
Our troop is all signed up thanks to Cindy Lochbaum and our committee is getting ready for this great and fun event for our troop.  We have the core group of adult volunteers from last year but we need a few more to help make this event another great one for our troop.  We DO NOT overload any one person agreeing to lend a hand for MBU.  If you are a new parent of a younger scout and are not involved in the troop yet, this is a great and short term way to add a lot of value.  Please let Michael Story ( know if you would be willing to lend a hand.  Please remember that each of our scouts benefits from MBU whether through participation, leadership opportunities, or the financial benefit  to our troop.  We had a most successful MBU last year and have a record 600 scouts signed up for 2012; we need your help to ensure that we give this year’s class value for their investment.

Please agree to help out!  Thanks!

Michael Story

Important Files
  • Emergency Preparedness checklist - for use with Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, and Safety Merit Badges.
  • MBU Individual registration form for Troop 357 members - This form is internal to troop 357 and should be used for Troop 357 scouts to sign up for MBU.  This form should not be used for other troops.
  • 2012 MBU HUMC registrationfinal.xls (see attachment at bottom of page) - This is the Excel registration spreadsheet for troops other than 357 participating in MBU. It also contains a tab listing all merit badges offered.  Please read registration instructions and review merit badge notebook (next 2 links) prior to filling out this form.  Troop 357 scouts should not use this form.
  • 2011-10-09 Raleigh MBU 2012 MB Notebook.pdf - This document lists all of the merit badges offered, requirements and prerequisites.
  • 2011-10-09 MBU 2012 reg instructions.pdf -  This document lists all policies for this year’s MBU and detailed registration instructions, emailing and check mailing instructions. Please read it carefully.
We are offering the same merit badges as last year along with ( 3 ) new ones, Chess, Reading & Scholarship.
Please be sure to complete the section of the registration sheet noting any potential counselors. Please contact Wesley Jones at with any specific questions.  He can also be contacted on my cell phone at 919-422-6121. Please leave a message and he will quickly return the call.
Fred Mussler,
Oct 12, 2011, 11:19 AM