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Getting ready for a merit badge class.

posted Jul 29, 2018, 5:59 AM by Webmaster Troop 13

The first thing you want to do is contact our Advancement Chair, Trish Murphy, at and request a Blue Card.  If it is an Eagle required merit badge, you also want to contact our Scoutmaster, Jim Murphy, with the particulars.  

Next, get the Merit Badge Pamphlet.  You can check our troop library to see if we have it as part of our collection. Troop 13 Library Then you want to print out the Worksheet.  Just google BSA (merit badge name), worksheet.  

READ the requirements.  What is expected of you?  What do you need to demonstrate or show?

Figure out how many days until the class and create a schedule for yourself.  Read the book, complete the worksheet and learn how to demonstrate the skill.  Many things will be covered in a class, but for example, in any of the watercraft badges, there are knots to learn.  Start practicing at home so when it is your turn, you have it down.  

If you don't have everything prepared, you can always get a partial for the badge and complete it at a later time.  Most important of all it to enjoy the process.  Have fun.    

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