Troop 13 Library is online

posted Jan 26, 2018, 4:06 AM by Webmaster Troop 13

Troop 13,

Please look at the troop website to see the new Troop 13 Library list.  It is in the sidebar under troop links.  We have 84 merit badge books available to lend out.  There are 136 badges, so we don’t have them all, but we have many of them. 

If you have any books you don’t need any more, please donate them to the troop library for other scouts to use.  We need:

  • Merit badge books and any other books relating to scouting like:
  • BSA and other outdoor cookbooks,
  • Skill books, like knot tying or anything else
  • Hikes and maps etc. 
  • Other scouting related books

MBU is coming up in March, so you can check our list to see if we have a book you can borrow.  If you want to borrow a book, complete the Sign out a troop book form by 5:00 on a Monday, and I will give you the book at the Troop meeting.  

The librarian’s e-mail address is