Please Update your Scoutbook Account regularly.

posted Dec 29, 2017, 3:21 AM by Webmaster Troop 13

Scoutbook is replacing all of BSA's software and it is connected to the council.  It is the most accurate record of what BSA shows that you have achieved.  Updating your records and checking it before a C.O.H is helpful to everyone.  

Have you logged in lately?  Please go to your Scouts Scoutbook page and update the following:
  • Camping nights - please note if they slept in a Tent, Lean-to or Cabin.  You need this for the Camping Merit Badge and Order of the Arrow.
  • Do you have a Troop position?  Have you entered the correct dates for your position?
  • Service Hours - Were they part of an Eagle Project, Stack Wood at the turkey shoot, place flags or participate in the church yard sale, Scouting For Food or Camp service hours?
  • Hikes - Don't forget hiking up Mt. Washington, Blue Hills or the Hike with the Webelos last year.
  • Awards - This can be fun for your scout.  Open each award and check off what requirements they already completed.  Check off all applicable Merit Badges and Ranks and see how the percentage of completion changes for the awards.  
  • Click on My Units, Troop 13 and click on Troop reports and then OA Eligibility Report. (Order of the Arrow).  Is your information correct?  Do you have more camping nights?
  • Under Troop Reports, check out your individual report.  That is your scouting history.  Missing anything?