Merit Badge Opportunities

New England Base Camp - Family Life Merit Badge Sat Oct 21st

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"Scouting Advancement Year-round Requires Engagement"

Join us for our Saturday program & S.A.Y.R.E.! This special program is designed for scouts to work on specific merit badges.

From 10:00am- 5:30pm the campground is open for exploring. Come and give archery a try and then head over to the axe yard to learn to chop/split and plain a log. Be sure to save some time to go swimming, try rock climbing, throw a tomahawk, test your skills at outdoor cooking and dig up a dinosaur. Scouts can always earn merit badges while they enjoy camp!

Spotlight Day: LGBT- A community that has always participated yet was simultaneously shunned by Scouting for decades. Today, we celebrate that everyone is invited! Focus on Family Life Merit Badge.

Please Note - Base Camp does not run merit badge classes, but helps with the "Do" requirements.  Base Camp uses Scoutbook, so please have a smartphone and your log in information for Scoutbook.  (You can go back to base camp multiple times to work on  requirements).

Saturday fun begins at Base Camp!

$10.00 per 1/2 Day - Adult
$15.00 per 1/2 Day - Youth
$15.00 per Full Day - Adult
$25.00 per Full Day - Youth

Get Merit Badges on Saturdays at Camp Sayre in Milton with your Scoutbook app

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Scout Programs

Boy Scouts (and Girl Scouts) make up the majority of the campers and participants at all Base Camp locations.

The Saturday Scout Open Program is the cornerstone of all programming at Base camp. Scout groups can add onto their program experience by participating in High Adventure Programs. All Saturday programs provide advancement opportunities for Scouts at all levels. Additionally, all Base Camps Support Scout Book, making the record keeping for all advancement instantaneous. Additionally, Scouts have access to a wide range of lodging opportunities, from cabin camping, to lean to shelters and tent camping.

Saturday Program

Join us for our Saturday program! Either at our main camp in Milton, MA or at Lone Tree in Kingston, NH. Work on or complete your Merit Badges! Our staff can help Scouts complete or start merit badges. We specialize in all the requirements that say “Do.” Be sure to bring your Scout Book app so you can receive credit for your successes immediately! Come and give archery a try and then head over to the Axe Yard to learn to chop/split and plain a log.

Be sure to save some time to go rock climbing, throw a tomahawk, test your skills at outdoor cooking and dig up a dinosaur. 

Merit Badge options include: camping, cooking, lifesaving, swimming, archery, rifle shooting, orienteering, pioneering, Indian Lore, American cultures, mammal study, soil and water conservation, bird study, weather, forestry, insect study, chess, robotics, basketry, space exploration, geology and more. Saturday fun begins at Base Camp.


New England Base camp is Powered by Scouting – and Scout Book fuels the engine. Be sure to bring your Scout Book App with you to camp. Our weekend staff is certified and can sign off on countless merit badges, rank advancements. The Camp is fully loaded with a strong wifi signal and with a Scout Store on premises, if the Scout leader approves, the unit can even print the advancement report and buy the patches in the shop that same day! 

Note:  Every Troop 13 scout is on scoutbook.  Your parents were sent the invitation and they have access to scoutbook via smartphones.  Log onto scoutbook while you are at New England Base Camp and get your merit badge requirements signed off.  

Multiple Merit Badges at Broadmoor Audubon

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Get together a group of Troop 13 Scouts and select a class at Broadmoor Audubon in Natick.  The selection of Merit Badge classes is in the link below.  Cost is per class, so select a class and let me know and I will put the class on our website.  Contact -

Contact details for Broadmoor Scout program - Joy Marzolf

Knox Trail Council 2017 Autumn Merit Badge College Sun, Dec 3 @ 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Need or want some merit badges?  Knox-Trail Council will be holding its December MBU at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School 215 Fitchburg St.
Marlborough, MA.

Explore, Learn, Achieve!

The 2017 Autumn Merit Badge College is held from 12:30-5:30 pm at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Marlborough.

Scouts choose 2 merit badges.  Each class is two hours and twenty-five minutes. To complete the badges in this time frame requires prerequisites and often a field trip.

The badges offered are: American Business, American Cultures, Art, Chess, Coin Collecting, Collections, Crime Prevention, Disabilities Awareness, Drafting, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, Geneology, Graphic Arts, Indian Lore, Medicine, Movie Making, Music, Photography, Public Speaking, Salesmanship, Scouting Heritage, Sculpture, and Stamp Collecting.

This awesome opportunity will help Scouts earn some Merit Badges that are not typically done in the troop setting.



Check-in begins at 12:00 noon for Scouts and costs $25.  Please refer to your email receipt for class listings and times.

Registration Deadline is:  11/28/17



September Bass Pro Shops hosts Fishing, Rifle Shooting and Fish & Wildlife Merit badge workshops

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September is Merit Badge month for the Boy Scouts of America at Bass Pro Shops. We are offering 3 different merit badge classes throughout the month of September. We have Fishing, Rifle Shooting, and brand new this year Fish and Wildlife Management. See the full schedule below. Space is limited so call in today to book your spot. (508) 216-2000

A Blue Card is required - the workshop will cover the entire badge.  

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays beginning at 6:00 pm with a class limit of 10

2017 September Merit Badge Schedule

Tuesday, September 5 Fishing
Wednesday, September 6 Rifle Shooting
Thursday, September 7 Fish and Wildlife Management - Cancelled due to a Patriots game.  

Tuesday, September 12 Rifle Shooting
Wednesday, September 13 Fish and Wildlife Management
Thursday, September 14 Fishing

Tuesday, September 19 Fish and Wildlife Manager
Wednesday, September 20 Fishing
Thursday, September 21 Rifle Shooting

Tuesday, September 26 Fishing
Wednesday, September 27 Rifle Shooting
Thursday, September 28 Fish and Wildlife Management

Emergency Preparedness Weekend at Camp Yawgoog Sept 30th - Oct 1st

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 Operation:  Be Prepared - The 9th Annual Camp Yawgoog Emergency Preparedness Weekend  Registration Link

Join us for the annual "Emergency Preparedness Weekend" hosted by Yawgoog Scout Reservation. This weekend is geared for Scouts who need to earn either the First Aid or Emergency Preparedness merit badges. Participants may come as individuals, patrols, or troops. Host troops will be designated at certain provisional campsites to accommodate all campers. Please bring a copy of your health form/emergency contact information.

New for 2017

A class will cover First Aid Rank requirements

Tenderfoot rank requirements 4.a.-d.- Second Class rank requirements 6.a.-e. -  First Class rank requirements 7.a.-f.

Adult or youth leaders can register to take First Aid/CPR/AED certification.

There are some prerequisites to keep in mind. For both badges, all participants should be familiar with the subject material. Ownership or possession of the merit badge book is encouraged but not required.


For First Aid - Satisfy your counselor that you have the current knowledge of all first aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.

For Emergency Preparedness

1.    Earn the First Aid Merit Badge - This requirement can be satisfied by a note from a Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement Official or presented as a signed and completed blue card. 

8.b. Prepare a personal emergency service pack for a mobilization call.  Prepare a family kit (suitcase or waterproof box) for use by your family in case an emergency evacuation is needed.    Explain the needs and uses of the contents. Requirement 8.b. can be presented in person during the weekend, it can be represented in photographs.  The requirement can also be satisfied by a note from a parent or Scoutmaster.

Participants will be camping near and eating at the Medicine Bow Dining Hall. Scouts should be prepared for fall weekend camping including a tent, as well as proper clothing and gear.

They should also be prepared for some classroom time, so include a notebook and writing supplies. Also, as is Yawgoog tradition, a Class A uniform is expected to be worn to dinner on Saturday and while we are at camp on Sunday. There will be an Interfaith service held Sunday morning.

The Hope Valley - Wyoming Fire District, and the Hope Valley Ambulance Squad are expected to visit us at this event. There should also be a special demonstration again this year.

The fee is $75.00 which includes food, t-shirt, and patch.

We expect that this program will fill up quickly so please register early. On the next screen please enter the name(s) of the person who will be attending.

Click here for the schedule!

$75.00 per Adult
$75.00 per Scout

Canoeing Merit Badge Sunday June 11th 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Scouts have an opportunity to get their Canoeing Merit Badge.  There will be a 4 hr class on Sunday, June 11th in the morning from 8:30 - 12:30.   It will be held at Norton Kayak Company.  237 Mansfield Ave., Norton, MA | Located across from Cumberland Farms, Route 140.

Cost is $40/ per scout.  You will need a bathing suit and towel as you will get wet as you need to flip the canoe.  

The scout will need to prepare a couple of things.

  1. Ask Mrs. Murphy for a "Blue Card" e-mail and bring it with you to the class.
  2. Buy the Canoeing Merit badge booklet in the scout store or online at
  3. Print out the worksheet for the canoeing merit badge -
  4. Read over the requirements and have your son start to read the merit badge book and write the answers on the worksheet.  
  5. Complete the release form for Norton Kayak (I will e-mail you the form).
  6. Pay the $40, check, cash or PayPal via
If you are interested in this merit badge, please contact Mrs. Olsen @

Cycling Merit Badge - Starting 4/30/2017 9:00 AM - 10/1/2017

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Make the most of your two-wheel adventures by earning the Cycling Merit Badge.

Whether you just got your first bicycle or have been cycling for years, you will learn more about your bike and what it can do by working on the requirements for this badge.

Merit Badge Ride Notes:
No BMX bikes allowed for Cycling Merit Badge. Your bike must have gears, so you can control your shifting and ability to better enjoy your rides.
A bike helmet is mandatory for all ridges and you must wear it!
Please bring a light snack and plenty of water. You must be able to carry this with you on the ride. Due to allergies, we request tat Scouts do not share snacks.
Please always check your equipment before you arrive to ensure your bike is in good shape to ride.
Some have the trails have ice cream shops. We will le you know in advance - if you would like a treat please bring a couple of extra dollars.
Parents are welcome and encouraged to ride as well - as long as a helmet is worn and they maintain pace with the Scouts.
Any medical issues/concerns should be brought to the adult leaders attention in advance.
We will ride in light rain, however anything beyond that we will use a makeup date. Mrs. Williamson will let parents and scouts know in advance if there will be a change due to weather.
Please bring a smile and a positive attitude - Riding is fun and a wonderful source of exercise!!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR THE 50 MILE RIDE - This ride is mandatory - there will not be a makeup ride - There will be a small fee to camp at Camp Greenough and for food on the 50-mile ride.

Please arrive 15 minutes of the start time for each ride!

Click here to register

We will always start on time!

$10.00 per Participant
Ride 1 - 10 Miles
10 miles - April 30, 9:00 a.m., Coventry Greenway - Parking Lot Meeting - Rte 117 & Station Street
Ride 2 - 10 Miles
May 13 - 9:00 a.m. - South Kingstown Bike Path - Parking Lot Meeting - Amtrak Station Parking lot - Right off of Rt 138 and Railroad Avenue
Ride 3 - 15 Miles
June 10 - 9:00 a.m. - Blackstone Valley Bike Path - Parking Lot Meting - St. John Street
Ride 4 - 15 Miles
July 16 - 8:00 a.m. - East Bay Bike Path - Parking Lot Meeting - TBD
Ride 5 - 25 Miles
August 27 - 8:00 a.m. - Coventry Greenway - Parking Lot Meeting - TBD
Ride 6 - 25 Miles
September 9 - 9:00 a.m. - East Bay Bike Path - Parking Lot Meeting - TBD
Make Up Ride - will look to see what miles are needed
September 17 - 9:00 a.m. - Coventry Greenway - Parking Lot Meeting - TBD
Final Ride - 50 Miles - Attendance Mandatory - No Make Up
September 3- (raindate: October 1) - 8:00 a.m. - Cape Cod Canal - Parking Lot meeting - Camp Greenough Front Parking Lot
First Aid & Bike Maintenance
Date: TBD - Camp Champlin

American Labor Merit Badge April 19th 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Come to the Museum of Work and Culture and earn your American Labor Merit Badge. 

Learn about the labor movement in American history and how labor unions improved and changed the face of labor in the country.

Parents are welcome to attend and visit the museum during the class.

$25.00 per Scout

$6.00 per accompanying parent if they wish to stay and tour the museum
Offered through Narragansett council
42 South Main Street
Woonsocket, RI 02893, US

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge April 18 9:00 am - 12:05 pm.

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Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

Have you always wanted to start your own business?  You can learn how with this great class taught by the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center.


The class will be held at Camp Champlin in Leidman Lodge.

$15.00 per Participant

DATE/TIME   4/18/2017   9:00 AM - 12:05 PM
223 Scituate Avenue
Cranston, RI, US
Click on the link below to register

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