BSA Historic Trails in Massachusetts and surrounding area

BSA offers the Historic Trails award to scouts who hike the trails and do a service for the trail.   

APPALACHIAN TRAIL Massachusetts - 85 miles straight.Route: The Massachusetts portion of the trail extends from the Connecticut border near Sage's Ravine and head north to the Vermont border in Clarksburg State Forest.  

BOSTON BICENTENNIAL TRAIL OF FREEDOM, The Spirit of Adventure Council, Milton, MA
BEDFORD FLAG TRAIL, Bedford, MA  Bedford Flag Guide
BREAD AND ROSES STRIKE TRAIL, 3.5 mile loop.  Lawrence. MA.  Route: The trail begins at 430 North Canal St. traces the steps of the strikers, and returns to the start.  Sites: Lawton's Hot Dog Stand, Dam Gatehouse, Great Stone Dam, Atlantic Mills, Lower Pacific Mill, Ayers Mills, Lawrence Duck Company Mills, Wood Worsted Mills, Everett Mill, Essex Company, American Woolen Company, Pemberton Park, Washington Mills.

ISAAC DAVIS TRAIL, Acton, MA - Has a yearly camporee on Patriot's Day and Scouts follow the re-enactment to North Bridge as well as earn their Trail patch.
HANCOCK SHAKER TRAIL, 6.7 mile hike.  Five miles west of Pittsfield. Constructed and maintained by the Boy Scouts of America, this circuit travels wooded, stream and hilltop sites key to a 19th-century Shaker society. Trail Map. Camping in the Pittsfield State Forest.
NORMAN ROCKWELL HISTORIC TRAIL, Stockbridge, MA, Stockbridge Library, Museum and Archives, Norman Rockwell Museum, Western Massachusetts Council, Westfield, MA
THOREAU LEAVE NO TRACE TRAIL, Concord, MA - New BSA Trail that opened 2017.  Nearest Camping is Nobscot Scout Reservation.  

SKYLINE TRAIL - Middlesex Fells Reservation - Stoneham, MA 7.5 miles,  - No Camping on site. Camping available at Camp Nihan in Saugus, MA.  

SONS OF LIBERTY, Lexington Common to North Bridge; Concord, MA - 10 mile hike

FOOTSTEPS OF OUR FOUNDERS TRAIL, 6.5-mile loop.  Fall River, MA.  The trail begins either at the Fall River Chamber of Commerce or at Battleship Cove and heads through the city's historic highlands. Sites: St. Anne's Church and Shrine, Columbia Street Historic District, St. Mary's Cathedral. B.M.C. Durfee High School.

NEWPORT FREEDOM TRAILA 3.5 mile walk along the cliffs and rocks of the Atlantic Ocean. The trail runs behind many historic Mansions in Newport. The Walk 'N Mass Volkssport Club offers trail patches.

BLUE HILLS TRAILS, Milton, MA Either a 2 mile or 8 mile hike.  Camping at Camp Sayre. 
LESLIE’S RETREAT6 or a 10 mile hike from Marblehead to Salem, Massachusetts.
PIRATE LEGEND TREK, Lynn Woods Reservation in Lynn, MA.  Either 4 mile or 10 mile hike.  Can include the Cave.  No Camping in the woods but can camp in Saugus at Camp Nihan.  Another link about Pirate Legend Trek
SPIRIT OF ’76, Marblehead, MA 2 hr hike, Day Trip.  

WITCH TRAIL, 4 to 5 hr hike.  Salem, MA Camping at Camp Nihan in Saugus.  

Best site for all of the Historic hike's descriptions.  Witch Trail Committee - Historic Hikes BSA                                                                            Witch Trail Committee - The Witch Trail Committee was formed in 1968 by youth members and adult leaders of a Boy Scout Troop in Winthrop, Massachusetts, and has since been passed on through several other troops. The original group planned to research and document a historic trail in the Boston area as part of a troop project.  The purpose of the project was to publish information that could be used by individuals or groups as an introduction to the rich history of the Boston area through first-hand experience and on-sight visitation.  

Soon it became apparent to the troop how well received the Witch Trail was and what an opportunity existed to come up with additional trails.  So over the next several years the group researched, documented, cleaned and marked eight other trails that were also declared Historic BSA Trails.  NOTE: Hiking these trails qualifies toward earning the BSA Historic Trails Award.

Scouts New England Hikes - is a website for Scout hikes.  Some of the trails we list are "Historic Trails" that are recognized by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). These are clearly marked as such for your benefit.