Troop Recycling

The Troop Webmaster writes:  Recycling is very important in today’s society. Recycling helps the environment stay clean and safe. So we asked out scoutmaster what his opinions were on recycling.

Question:  What is your personal opinion on recycling?

Our scoutmaster Mr. Lacerte believes we should all recycle if we want to have a clean environment and clean water.

Question:  Does he personally recycle?

He responded “Yes everything”.

Question:   How do you think recycling has helped change the world?

Our scoutmaster believes it helps with less pollution in the air and water; helps create jobs and lastly helps lower costs.

Question:  What is one item that should be recycled that isn’t currently being recycled?

Mr. Lacerte said plastic caps should be recycled. Our scoutmaster gave very positive answers on his opinions of recycling. We can reflect upon these opinions and help our world and our community become cleaner and recycles.

A part of the troop's fund raising for Scouts to go to camp comes from recycling various materials.

Cell Phones

We are collecting your old outdated cellphones. To fill out a flyer, with your name as the contact, click HERE or you can click HERE to print out one with the contact info already filled out. The phone(s) can be brought to our meetings, on Monday nights, starting at 7pm. A list of cell phones, that actually have worth, is at but you can give us anything and we will ensure it gets recycled.

Printer Cartridges

Recycle those old printer cartridges! Our preference is for cartridges that appear on this list. These can also be brought to the regular meetings mentioned above.

Aluminum Cans and other magnetic metals.

This is an easy one. Everyone gets those aluminum beverage cans. Bring them bagged to the meeting and we will store them in the shed until we have a sufficient amount to make a run to the salvage yard. Please, please. please... (Did I mention "Please?") crush the cans! It will make it SOOOO much easier to transport.   Also, don't just leave them outside the meeting room, make sure an adult leader knows you are dropping them off so we can keep the grounds clean by putting the materials in the shed.