Religous Awards

     "A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion."

    Troop 130 has Scouts from the Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths.   The Troop encourages all Scouts to further their exploration of their religion by completing the program approved by their particular faith's organization.

Ad Altare Dei
Pope Pius XII Award
Ner Tamid Award
Bronze Pelican Award
 Ad Altare Dei Pope Pius XII Ner Tamid Bronze Pelican St. John Newman

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First NameLast NameAward
First NameLast NameAward
Bob  Carroll Ad Altare Dei 
Tom  Carroll Ad Altare Dei 
Tom Carroll Pope Pius XII 
Dennis Eyre Ad Atare Dei 
John Henry Pope Pius XII 
Erik Kleinfelder Pope Pius XII 
William  Kleinfelder Ad Atare Dei 
Paul  Lacerte Ad Altare Dei 
Alexander  Pancoast Ad Altare Dei 
Alexander Pancoast Bronze Pelican (Adult Recognition) 
Alexander  Pancoast Pope Pius XII 
Timothy Peden Ad Altare Dei 
Nathaniel Thorne Ner Tamid  
Zachary Thorne Ner Tamid 
Al Wilson St. John Newmann Emblem (Adult Recognition) 
Albert Wilson Pope Pius XII 
Chris  Yitchinski Ad Altare Dei 
Showing 17 items